Cai Shaofen stopped pregnancy for the first time. The 4 indexes on the B-ultrasound sheet in the early pregnancy were used to see whether the fetal development was good or not

Not long ago, in the program, Cai Shaofen tearfully said that she had dreamed of “having four children” since she was a child. After her first pregnancy, she was extremely happy. But she did not expect that when she was two months pregnant, her baby stopped and her heart beat.

although it’s been a long time since the incident, it’s still hard to look back. But now she has not only “both children”, but also three treasures, and a family of five is very happy.

like Cai Shaofen, many girls have experienced fetal arrest. There are two cases of fetal arrest: one is that the fetus has not had fetal heart rate, the hCG doubling is not good, and the embryo bud is not long; the second is that the fetal heart rate has appeared, but then suddenly there is no fetal heart rate. The blood test shows that the hCG doubling is not less or even reduced, and the progesterone is decreased.

in pregnancy, judging whether the fetus is developing well or not is mainly through blood test and B-ultrasound. In the early stage of pregnancy, several “indicators” can be seen.

in fact, to see whether the fetus is stable in development and whether there is fetal arrest, it is mainly determined by doing B-ultrasound examination to see whether some indicators of the examination results are normal. That is to say, in the early pregnancy, if you can see these four indicators on the B-ultrasound sheet, it indicates that the fetal development is relatively stable and better.

the yolk sac is inside and gradually develops into a fetus. The gestational sac is wrapped outside and is the original placental tissue. Before the placenta is formed, it temporarily transports nutrition to the embryo bud for its development. In about 10 weeks of pregnancy, the gestational sac will gradually develop into a placenta.

by looking at the position of the gestational sac, we can see the implantation position of the fertilized egg. We can determine whether the fetus is intrauterine or extrauterine. We can also see the specific implantation position, size and shape of the gestational sac. Finally, according to the measured data, we can preliminarily estimate the days of pregnancy and the development of the embryo.

generally, when you are about 7 weeks pregnant, you can see the fetal heart and embryo bud by doing B-ultrasound again. The B-ultrasound sheet shows “visible fetal bud and original fetal heart tube pulsation”, and it will indicate the size of the embryo bud and the fetal heart rate.

fetal heart rate: women with regular menstruation can see fetal heart rate as early as about 6 weeks of pregnancy. Women with irregular menstruation can also see fetal heart rate at about 8 weeks of pregnancy. However, as long as fetal heart rate appears in the embryo, it indicates that the fetus is developing healthily.

at the 5th week of pregnancy, the fetal heart rate ranges from 90 to 100 beats per minute. Until 8-9 weeks of pregnancy, the frequency of fetal heart rate “increases linearly”, then reaches a peak value and begins to gradually decrease. It will drop to 150 beats per minute within 16 weeks of pregnancy.

generally, after 5 weeks of pregnancy, a small embryo bud about the size of a rice grain can be seen next to the yolk sac, and it will be 1.5-2 cm long by about 7 weeks of pregnancy.

in the early stage of pregnancy, the embryo is just implanted and differentiated, and it is still unstable. In order to avoid abortion, pregnant mothers should pay special attention to the following aspects.

in the early stage of pregnancy, the fetus is still unstable, so it is necessary to reduce the activity. Moreover, most of the pregnant women in the early pregnancy should rest more because of the poor reaction of the early pregnancy. Especially for the pregnant women with red or brown secretions, it is better to stay in bed and avoid activities.

in order to avoid threatened abortion, pregnant mothers should not only take more rest in the early pregnancy, but also avoid doing strenuous exercise, including roommates, lifting heavy objects, etc., otherwise, they may meet with red and become dangerous.

early pregnancy is an important stage of differentiation and development of all important organs of the fetus. If stimulated by “adverse factors” in the process of differentiation and development, normal differentiation will be interfered with, resulting in fetal malformation, even abortion, fetal arrest, etc.

pregnant mothers should not be particularly nervous or even anxious because they are worried about the development of the fetus in the early stage of pregnancy. They should try their best to relax, face with a relaxed and optimistic attitude, and give more encouragement to Baobao’s positive energy, because the negative emotions of pregnant mothers will also affect the healthy development of the fetus.

in early pregnancy, it is a very important stage, and it is also a high incidence period of fetal arrest and abortion. Therefore, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to do a good job of examination. As long as progesterone is normal and hCG is doubled to normal, B-ultrasound examination can be done, and the gestational sac and yolk sac can be seen before there is no fetal heart and embryo bud, and the fetal heart and embryo bud can be seen around 7 weeks of pregnancy, which indicates that the fetal development is good and stable, and the pregnant mother does not have to worry too much 。

but if it is found that the fetal development is not very good through the examination, on the one hand, we should do a good job of reexamination, on the other hand, the pregnant mother should also have psychological preparation, listen to the doctor’s advice, and can not blindly protect the fetus.

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