Call for peace: 11 year old boy “rap” local miserable life

Inspired by the war-torn environment in Gaza, arsanti, an 11-year-old rapper in the Middle East, has become a hit on the Internet recently and has been hailed by some media as “Eminem of Gaza”.

according to the Reuters report on the 18th, alcandi became famous with one song after another: this homemade MV was shot near his school, and many of his classmates “appeared” in school uniforms. The lyrics of this song are particularly heartbreaking: “let me tell you how hard life is here / the streets outside are crumbling / bombs are falling in the back garden.” The single has been hit hundreds of thousands of times on social media platforms and has been specially forwarded by some famous singers. In another single, the singer seems to mirror the 2008 war in Gaza with lyrics: “I was born in the city of GASA / the first sound I heard was the sound of gunfire / the first air I took in / the bitter smell of gunpowder.”

arshanti said that his works are aimed at calling for peace, hoping that the outside world can understand the current situation in Gaza and the various severe challenges faced by the local government because of the Israeli blockade. 08/16/2020