Can chicken head and wing tip be eaten? Tell you the answer

For many people who keep fit and lose weight, chicken is the most popular poultry meat. It can be made into a variety of delicious food, delicate taste is not easy to grow fat, the most important is rich in high-quality protein, most of which can be directly absorbed and used by the human body, is the best choice for protein supplement! However, in recent years, there have been a lot of rumors about “chicken”, such as antibiotic chicken, instant chicken and so on. What’s more, there are all kinds of comments about muscle toxicity, such as chicken neck can’t be eaten, chicken wing tip can’t be eaten, even chicken head can’t be eaten, and there are even ten years of chicken head race arsenic! However, from the point of view of lymph, it is indeed a health risk to human body. The lymphoid tissue of chicken neck is easy to remain bacteria and virus. However, we can not directly understand eating chicken neck as eating lymph, because gland, trachea and other parts will be removed when processing chicken neck in regular slaughterhouse, so as long as it is purchased through regular channels, there is basically no health crisis; < / P > < p > however, there are also small lymph nodes under the skin of chicken neck. If you want to eat chicken neck healthily, you should fully cook it when handling chicken neck, Or the chicken skin will be removed directly, so you can eat it at ease! < / P > < p > in regular farms, chickens are vaccinated. From birth to maturity, a chicken may be vaccinated with multiple vaccines. The purpose is to make the chickens produce antibodies and resist the invasion of pathogens. However, China has strictly stipulated the scope of use and dosage of veterinary drugs. As long as they are carried out according to the regular standards, the residues of veterinary drugs in poultry and livestock will not cause harm to human body. < / P > < p > moreover, we also misunderstand that when we inject drugs and vaccines into chickens, we usually choose the place where the skin is loose, that is, under the neck and wing of the chicken, not the tip of the wing 。 Even if the chicken wing tip injection, the drug will also affect the whole body, and will not affect a single part. < / P > < p > many rumors say that the toxins in chickens will be concentrated in chicken heads, and the older the chickens are, the more toxins they contain in their heads. But in fact, chickens, like humans, digest and absorb food through their intestines and stomachs. The heavy metals and pathogenic bacteria ingested by chickens will also be removed by the immune system and liver, and no toxin will be accumulated on the head. < / P > < p > 1, chicken buttocks: this part is not recommended for people to eat, because there are two special glands on the chicken buttocks, namely, the tail fat gland and the bursa cava. The tail fat gland will pollute the quality of meat, and the bursa cava is the immune center lymph of chicken, so eating a lot of it will not do any good to the body; < / P > < p > 2. Chicken skin: the skin itself has no toxin, and the taste is very good. However, chicken skin contains a large number of cholesterol, for obesity, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and other people, a long-term large intake, is not conducive to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health! Generally speaking, the so-called “chicken head can’t be eaten” and “chicken wing tip can’t be eaten” are just rumors that can’t stand firm. However, when you buy raw chicken, it is best to remove the viscera, chicken buttocks, chicken neck skin and other parts, so as to avoid adverse effects on the body. As for other parts, of course, you can rest assured to eat! Home