Can cold and hot water alternate really shrink pores? How many people are deceived, the skin is getting worse and worse!

For cleansing, there is a very “deep-rooted” method, that is, alternating hot and cold water can really shrink pores! Is this truth or rumor? < / P > < p > is particularly unfriendly to the skin, which is easy to cause water and oil imbalance, red blood streaks and other phenomena. Many healthy skin become sensitive muscles due to the use of hot and cold water to wash face alternately all year round. < p > < p > it is not suitable to use cold water for oily skin. Cold water can not clean the accumulated sebum, dust and cosmetic residues on the face, which not only can not achieve cosmetic effect, but also cause acne or aggravate skin problems such as acne. < / P > < p > it’s best not to use a washbasin when you wash your face. The water in the basin is not flowing water. Dirty things on your face and hands will be washed into the water. If you use such water to wash your face, you will not be able to clean your skin. 08/16/2020