Can dispel acne, eliminate acne print, shrink pores? Beware of “beauty mask” trap

“It can remove acne, eliminate acne marks, shrink pores, resist aging, and repair sensitive muscles…” For a period of time, some companies called “save the skin artifact” of the “brand size mask”, “medical beauty mask” and other popular pursuit, with the help of e-commerce platform, social media and other marketing channels, become a popular skin care products.

however, in January 2020, the State Administration of drug control pointed out that the so-called “medical beauty mask” is actually medical dressing. According to the regulations on the management of medical devices, the medical device products can not be named as “Mask”, and can not contain “beauty”, “health care” and other claims.

experts pointed out that the components of medical dressings are simple, the main function is to repair skin barrier, and there are no other effects. Therefore, it is urgent to regulate the medical dressing market. How to promote industry self-discipline, effectively restrict e-commerce platform and guide consumers to choose rationally is a common topic faced by all parties concerned.

“mask, I only use medical beauty now!” “I want to save the money of other mask, buy medical beauty mask!” Opening some social platforms, you can often see the recommendation of “medical beauty mask”.

“after 90” girl Xiao Li told reporters that his first use of “beauty mask” was in 2014, after a laser treatment in a department of dermatology in a third grade hospital in Beijing, the doctor gave her a collagen dressing, its usage and appearance are similar to ordinary facial mask, but the price is several times higher. “It’s a thin layer. It’s gentle to use up.”

in mid August this year, the reporter inquired about some “brand size mask” and “beauty mask” brand on the electronic business platform, and found that its sales volume was huge. One brand monthly sales volume was up to 400 thousand single, and two stores related mask sales volume reached 100 thousand single.

although the State Food and Drug Administration announced that there was no so-called “beauty mask” in January this year, the “beauty mask” can still be seen on some network sales platforms. When the

reporter searched the “beauty mask” on a platform, the comprehensive recommendation appeared, although it had nothing to do with the mask. However, there were still more than 10 thousand pieces of information when searching the “mechanical mask”. Another electronic business platform, though shielding the keyword search of “mechanical mask”, still has nearly 2000 product links when searching for “medical beauty mask”.

Xiao Li told reporters that he often saw the propaganda of “beauty mask” in the recommendation of friends circle and beauty bloggers, calling it “hospital identical”, which could be “acne fade printing”, “suitable for sensitive skin”, “between medicine and skin care products” and so on.

so, is this really the case? Kiki, a girl in Heilongjiang, saw in his circle of friends that he recommended buying “beauty mask”. “My face is prone to acne. If you see the recommended beauty mask, you can buy it.” Qiqi said she was disappointed with the actual results.

Kiki said that those “beauty mask” labeled with “acne removing and desalting pox” label did not feel obvious after using it, and even a “medical beauty mask” would stimulate acne production. In addition, these mask promise “whitening, wrinkle” efficacy, after use, it is “almost no effect”.

according to Chen Qiquan, a dermatologist of Southwest Hospital, medical dressings are mainly used in clinical operations such as laser and acid brushing, which have certain irritation and damage to the skin. After operation, the efficacy of medical dressings is mainly to calm, relieve, hydrate and moisturize the cuticle under specific conditions, and can not treat skin diseases such as acne and seborrheic dermatitis.

, who specializes in mask agents, told reporters that the name of the “brand name mask” on the market is marked with “dressing” or “cold dressing” on the product packaging. However, in order to make a better understanding of the useless customers, she used the term “beauty mask” in her friends’ circle.

Plastic Surgery Hospital, CAMS, PUMC doctor Shi Lei believes that the so-called “mechanical mask” on the market, some publicity too much, “beauty mask” is not a professional term, but created by businesses.

Beijing Ying Ke Law Firm lawyer Gao Qing believes that the concept of “medical beauty mask” uses the information gap between consumers and medical staff, misleading consumers, so that consumers will think of the “treatment” effect when they see this keyword.

State Drug Administration pointed out that the so-called “mechanical mask” is actually a medical dressing, which belongs to the category of medical devices. Medical dressings can directly or indirectly contact with the wound surface, which can absorb wound exudate, support organs, prevent adhesion or provide suitable environment for wound healing.

Shi Lei said, “dressings” refer to medical materials used to protect wounds and wounds. Medical dressings, such as cotton sheets, gauze and plaster, are specially used for medical treatment. Some dressings used for therapeutic purposes are made in the form of similar facial mask, and are used to repair patients after laser cosmetic surgery, Photorejuvenation, water light needles and other medical cosmetic items.

also pointed out that the ingredients of medical dressings are relatively simple. “To ensure users are not allergic, they will simplify ingredients, basically contain hyaluronic acid, and ordinary facial mask will be more complex to enhance competitiveness, such as wrinkle removal and whitening functions.”

as a medical device, medical dressing is more stringent in production process than ordinary facial mask. Yuan Chao, a doctor at Shanghai Dermatology Hospital, pointed out that the air cleanliness of the pharmaceutical factories for the production of medical dressings should be at least below 100000, which is more suitable for use on the skin with wound wounds.

for most “beauty mask” claimed that “sensitive skin application”, Yuan Chao believes that this statement is not accurate. On the one hand, it can only be said that medical dressings have “soothing and repairing” effects on sensitive skin; on the other hand, sensitive skin is strictly regulated under experimental conditions. Many patients claim to be sensitive skin, but they may actually be skin diseases. At the same time, sensitive skin can also be divided into many categories, such as physiological sensitivity and pathological sensitivity Caution.

and for the “beauty mask” whether it is “between medicine and skin care products”, in January 2019, the State Administration of drug administration clearly pointed out that there is no concept of Cosmetology in the state regulation level, and the concept of “cosmetology”, “medical skin care products” and other “Cosmetology products” concept is illegal in the name of products registered or filed in the name of cosmetics.

in addition, the State Food and drug administration also pointed out that medical dressings should be used in accordance with the correct usage and dosage under the guidance of qualified doctors within the scope of “application” or “intended use”, and should not be used as daily skin care products for a long time.

on April 3, the National Health Commission and other eight ministries and commissions jointly issued the document, stressing that the industry should strengthen the main responsibility of self-management and give full play to the self-discipline role of industry organizations. Analysts believe that this will play an important role in regulating the development of medical beauty industry.

from the perspective of supervision, we need to vigorously rectify the industry chaos. It has been clearly stipulated since March 1 this year that medical device advertisements shall not contain false or misleading contents, and advertisers shall be responsible for the authenticity and legality of the contents of advertisements. Therefore, brand operators should be honest and trustworthy, and should not exaggerate the effectiveness of products in order to increase sales.

the industry believes that the market supervision department should vigorously crack down on false or excessive publicity of products, so as to ensure that the propaganda words are within the effective range of the products. “Since medical dressings belong to the category of medical devices, we should not let them go.” Gao Qing pointed out that medical dressings should be strictly controlled to enter the market as other medical devices, and relevant departments should continue to strictly control the entry of medical dressings in the future, and eliminate the development problems of the industry from the legal and institutional levels.

Gao Qing said that when consumers purchase and use medical dressings and cause skin allergy and damage, they can complain to the industrial and commercial, market supervision and food and drug supervision departments. The relevant departments can impose fines, warnings, and even revoke business licenses on businesses, urging them to improve production and research technology and adjust product publicity methods.

for e-commerce platforms, we should urge them not to be offside. According to the e-commerce law, e-commerce platforms should be jointly and severally liable for the loss of consumers’ rights and interests caused by false publicity. According to Gao Qing, each e-commerce platform should standardize the keywords and descriptions of commodity search, ensure that consumers get true and accurate product information, and protect consumers’ right to know and choose.

yuan Chao believes that the e-commerce platform should restrict the settled businesses through detailed classification. “A product is a medical dressing or ordinary make-up mask. Its effectiveness is to add moisture or soothing calm, and categorize it more clearly so that consumers can understand the situation and buy on demand.”

consumers themselves must be alert to the consumption trap of mask. Experts suggest that consumers should first correctly understand the efficacy of medical dressings, buy them according to the doctor’s advice, and do not overuse them; secondly, they should establish a correct consumption concept, carefully choose products suitable for their skin, and not blindly follow suit.

“Mask” is just a “snack” rather than a “meal”. Shi Lei believes that when consumers have skin problems, they must not buy ordinary facial mask treatment. The real skin care should be careful not to stay up late, exercise more, eat less sugar, etc.

the so-called “mechanical mask” is actually a medical dressing, which belongs to the category of medical devices. According to the management of medical devices, medical dressings can be divided into three categories: surgical dressings, contact wound dressings and bandaging fixed dressings.

according to the regulations, the medical dressing products are classified according to the risk degree from low to high, and are respectively managed according to the first, second and third categories of medical devices. For medical dressings that claim to be sterile, the lowest management category is class II medical devices; if they contact with the wounds damaged by deep dermis or below, or used for chronic wounds, or can be absorbed by the human body in whole or in part, the management category is class III medical devices. Domestic class II medical devices shall be registered with the provincial drug administration before they are put on the market; class III medical devices and imported class II medical devices shall be submitted to the State Drug Administration for registration.

the nomenclature of medical dressings according to the management of medical devices shall meet the requirements, and shall not contain “beauty” or “health care” or other misleading or deceptive contents. Therefore, there is no concept of “mechanical mask”, and medical device products can not use “Mask” as its name.

the so-called “makeup mask”, that is, according to cosmetics management mask products, refers to the coating or application on the skin surface of the body, after a period of time to remove, scrub or retain, play the role of care or cleaning cosmetics.

is divided into two categories according to the way of product pre marketing supervision. The first category is the special purpose cosmetic mask that is required to be registered before the State Administration of drug registration before going public. It mainly claims products with special effects such as freckle whitening and so on. The second category should be listed before the State Drug Administration or the provincial drug supervision and administration department. Special purpose cosmetic mask, mainly claimed to have moisturizing, cleansing, moisturizing and other products.

according to regulations and rules