Can everything be preserved in a refrigerator? But these three kinds of food should not be forced, put is also a waste

Low temperature storage of food is a very traditional method of food preservation, because most microorganisms grow and reproduce at low temperature, which can prevent fresh food from mildew or decay due to bacterial contamination. Nowadays, most refrigerators have the function of quick freezing and fresh keeping. The quick freezing compartment can be used to store meat which needs to be placed for a long time, while the fresh-keeping compartment can put some food for short-term use.

although the refrigerator has the function of keeping fresh, not all foods can be put into the refrigerator, because some foods are easier to be damaged under low temperature conditions, so not only can they not keep fresh in the refrigerator, but also lead to food deterioration. The following foods are not suitable for refrigerators.

orange lemon these fruits with thick peel can extend the shelf life in the refrigerator, but most fresh fruits can’t be put in the refrigerator. For example, litchi is rich in summer. If litchi is not eaten in time, it will turn black and moldy.

but litchi can’t be put in the refrigerator, otherwise the surface of litchi will be blackened faster, and the taste of litchi will also be affected. The taste of litchi will not be as sweet as before. Therefore, if litchi is too much to eat, it can be soaked in salt water, or made into products for eating.

it’s hot in summer, so bananas ripen easily. At this time, many people will put bananas in the refrigerator to store, in fact, this is not right. On the one hand, bananas will be frostbitten under the condition of too low temperature, so that the flesh inside will accelerate softening and decay.

on the other hand, bananas themselves will release ethylene, which will accelerate the ripening of bananas when placed in closed refrigerators, thus speeding up the ripening speed of bananas. Therefore, banana storage should be placed in some cool, ventilated place, which can prevent rapid deterioration.

some foods in our daily life can be dried to keep them dry, such as star anise, pepper, pepper and other spices. If these spices are put into the refrigerator, the presence of water in the refrigerator will easily make the spices become moist and soft, so it is easy to cause the spices to deteriorate. Therefore, for some of the more suitable for dry environment of food, should try to dry, with sealed equipment storage, this is more conducive to preservation.

in a word, refrigerators are indeed a way of storage, but not all things are suitable for frozen storage. Therefore, we should accumulate more experience in our life, and at the same time, we should excavate more suitable methods for food storage. If someone often put the above food into the refrigerator, remember to take it out quickly and don’t get bad. Privacy Policy