Can tea seed oil beauty? What do you know about the efficacy of tea seed oil

Camellia seed oil, also known as camellia seed oil, is a kind of vegetable oil extracted from tea tree seeds, which is a natural high-grade edible oil. The price is high, but it’s worth the money because it can be taken orally and externally, and its nutritional value is very high, even more than olive oil. < p > < p > in general, internal use can be used for cold mixing, frying, frying, etc., while external use has a wider effect. It can be smeared on the whole body, and can also be used for washing hair and bathing, which can nourish the skin, protect the skin and protect the body. Tea seed oil, known as liquid gold, is a pure natural skin care cream, rich in oleic acid, which is very close to the skin, and has a good effect on relieving skin dryness and itching. < / P > < p > after washing your face in the morning and evening, apply appropriate amount of tea seed oil to your face and neck. Massage gently, you can easily remove skin spots and wrinkles, remove dark circles and eye bags, and make your skin white, delicate and radiant. In summer, tea seed oil can effectively resist ultraviolet rays and prevent skin sunburn and peeling. The beauty effect of tea seed oil is very good, you can’t miss it. Tea seed oil is a kind of vegetable oil which is difficult to oxidize and has good moisturizing effect on skin and hair. When the hair moisture is locked, the hair appears moist and glossy, and the problems of hair loss and easy fracture are no longer exist. < / P > < p > after washing hair, add water with appropriate temperature in the basin, add a few drops of tea seed oil, soak the hair in water, and then massage gently, so that the hair and scalp can fully absorb the nutrition of camellia oil. Adhere to a period of time, your hair become soft, smooth and elegant, but also prevent the hair withered yellow, scalp dandruff. The content of unsaturated fatty acids in tea seed oil is very high, which is easy to be absorbed by human body, and the digestibility is almost 100%. It will not be converted into fat after incomplete digestion of common edible oil in human body, so it will not have adverse effects on the body, let alone lead to obesity, so it has good weight loss effect. Especially maternal, want to restore slim figure as soon as possible, might as well eat tea seed oil, can quickly eliminate abdominal fat. Compared with other edible oils, camellia oil can significantly promote ulcer healing and maintain acute gastric mucosal injury. The main reason is that its fatty oil can protect the damaged gastric mucosa and prevent further deterioration. In addition, it also contains vitamin E and sterols, among which vitamin E can improve the blood flow of mucous membrane, while sterols have certain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. The content of unsaturated fatty acids in tea seed oil is as high as 90%, which can effectively reduce the cholesterol content of human body and increase the high density cholesterol. It can also reduce blood pressure and lipid, which is beneficial to cardiovascular health and prevent the occurrence of various cardiovascular diseases. Tea seed oil has a good effect in controlling blood sugar, and has a good stabilizing effect on the modern people’s “three high” disease. It is the first choice of edible oil to maintain health. < / P > < p > these benefits of camellia seed oil are amazing. In addition to these, it also has many small magical effects, two of which are very suitable. In case of burn or scald, tea seed oil can be directly applied to the wound, which has anti-inflammatory effect and can promote the early healing of the wound. < / P > < p > many people like to eat fried food, but they are afraid that the high temperature of the oil will produce harmful substances. Tea oil has no such worry when it is used. The high temperature resistance of tea oil can not change to 280 ℃, so it is suitable for frying. In addition, tea seed oil has a characteristic, it does not contain aflatoxin, not easy to corrupt, can be stored for a long time, eat it has a certain anti-cancer effect. 15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!