Can the new midwifery apparatus in the delivery room reduce the pain? Do you dare to use it when you know how to use it?

In recent years, people pay more attention to the experience of delivery, so the new mode of delivery has become popular. In addition to the familiar

, the use of some new midwifery devices in Doula delivery makes the puerpera less suffering from pain during delivery, and thus have a more comfortable delivery experience.

However, although these new midwifery devices can really relieve the pain of delivery, they are not popular at present.

there are many young mothers who say “I dare not use it when I look at it!” after hearing the midwife’s introduction of the use of new midwifery equipment In fact, these new midwifery appliances are not as complicated as the pregnant women think, and it is likely to bring unexpected comfortable experience after bold attempt.

Xiaoli is a post-95 girl with new ideas. She is also willing to try some new things. So when she was in labor, Xiao Li experienced a very “trendy” Doula delivery in the local hospital.

the midwife said a lot, but Xiao Li’s mother-in-law, who accompanied the delivery, was not interested in the midwife’s recommendation. “These things seem to be fooling children. I don’t think they are useful!” Her mother-in-law’s “outspokenness” made Xiaoli feel embarrassed, so Xiaoli said, “it’s OK to have a try.”

although the labor pain is really painful, Xiaoli later became very interested in the doula ball recommended by the midwife. Because Xiaoli usually has the habit of practicing yoga, she thinks that the doula ball is very similar to the yoga ball.

the midwife guides Xiao Li to sit on the doula ball and explains that it can relieve the pain in the perineum and relax the tension in the pelvic floor muscles. With the help of the midwife, Xiao Li finally sat on the doula ball successfully.

the soft texture of the guide ball makes Xiaoli feel really comfortable. In addition, Xiaoli focuses on the use of the music ball, not so much on the pain, which really makes Xiaoli relaxed a lot.

the mother-in-law who accompanied the delivery looked at her and shook her head, saying that she really couldn’t accept these young people’s toys, but Xiao Li enjoyed it. “The music guide ball is very interesting to use, and her body is really relaxed.”

this is a ball similar to the size of a yoga ball, which is softer and safer in material, and has stronger explosion-proof ability. Pregnant women can sit on the ball, or kneel or lie on the ball. Usually, the doula ball will be matched with a fixed bracket, so the pregnant woman does not have to worry about the sliding of the ball when sitting on the doula ball.

the doula cart can assist the pregnant women to have a walking experience. Even if there is no one to accompany them, with the help of the doula cart, the pregnant women can move more freely. If the pregnant woman feels tired, she can stop at one side and lie on the trolley for a rest.

this stool is specially designed for puerpera, and its shape is also very strange. When puerpera sit on the doula stool, their hips will be partially suspended, but this suspension will not make puerpera feel uncomfortable, on the contrary, it will help puerpera relax the tension of pelvic floor muscles.

in labor, pelvic opening will obviously help the rapid progress of labor, and the use of new midwifery devices will be of great help to pelvic opening. Compared with the traditional supine mode of delivery, the use of new midwifery equipment makes the pelvis open faster, and also makes the pelvis more plastic.

the use of new midwifery equipment helps the puerpera to be more relaxed, which also makes the tight pelvic floor muscles relaxed and released. In the use of these new midwifery devices, the maternal has a certain degree of flexibility and freedom, which also helps to relieve the tension of the muscles, and the process of delivery becomes more relaxed.

the use of new midwifery equipment can reduce the pain of parturient to a certain extent, the speed of fetal descent is faster, the duration of labor process is shorter, and the pain of parturient is lighter.

at the same time, in the process of delivery, many pregnant women will feel obvious pain in the waist and abdomen, which can be significantly relieved after using the new midwifery apparatus. This is mainly because the new delivery equipment helps the puerpera to find the most comfortable delivery posture, and then the discomfort of the body is relieved.

Nowadays, many young women choose cesarean section, which is partly due to the fear of pain during natural delivery. As Doula delivery is gradually understood and accepted by people, it is believed that more and more pregnant women will begin to choose spontaneous delivery. 20