Can white hair be pulled out? What changes will happen to people who pull out their white hair as soon as it appears?

Contemporary young people are either worried about the empty purse, or worried about the day when they will become bald. Many young people call themselves bald leaders in the new era. Most young people are worried about the amount of hair, while the middle-aged and old people are worried about the color of hair. Some female friends even think that if they have long white hair, they will be worried about it even if they don’t look good today. As soon as they see the white hair, they will pull it out.

in the past, white hair is a word related to aging. I remember sitting in front of me in high school was Xueba, who was one of the best in the whole grade. After class, in addition to asking him questions, we would kindly help him pull out his white hair. In his youth, white hair seemed to be evidence of hard work. Many people think that white hair can not be pulled out, otherwise it will only grow more and more. Is there any scientific basis for this?

effective research shows that pulling out white hair does not increase the number of white hair in disguise. The key factor determining the number of hair is hair follicle. If a person is born with few hair follicles, then the speed and luxuriance of hair growth will be affected accordingly. Conversely, more hair follicles, more and more hair. Some people think that after pulling out the white hair, the hair becomes bald is actually a visual illusion.

the number of hair has nothing to do with whether you pull out the white hair or not. If you pull out the white hair and pull out the hair follicles at the same time, the number of hair in the same part will decrease after a long time. The main reason for the formation of white hair is the lack of melanin inside the hair follicle. After pulling out a piece of white hair, the surrounding hair begins to turn white. In fact, it is the role of melanin, which has nothing to do with the original white hair.

the first change is damaged hair follicles. We have talked about the principle of the formation of white hair. One or two protruding white hair suddenly appear on the head. Even if the hair follicle is removed, it will not have much impact. And if often repeatedly pull out hair, can’t change the sign of white hair increase, at the same time may also cause hair follicle damage phenomenon. People who often pull out their white hair should have had such an experience, that is, the more they pull out, the more painful their scalp is. In fact, their hair follicles are damaged.

the second change is the possibility of hair loss. Especially female friends, after getting up in the morning, there is a pile of hair falling off the needle, but often pulling out the white hair will face such a risk. If you wash your hair after pulling out the white hair, the shampoo will stimulate the hair follicles and reduce the possibility of hair regeneration. At the same time, there is no difference between the process of pulling out the white hair and pulling out the blackhead. One blackhead has one or two pits, and the root may be seriously damaged, and gradually the hair will be less and less.

with the growth of age, almost everyone will face the trouble of white hair. If you really care about white hair, you can go to the barber’s to dye it to cover the original color. In a word, it is not recommended that we remove them. The damage caused should be borne by individuals. However, the hair dye operators must be advised not to touch the hair dye to the root of the scalp, otherwise some sensitive people may have a variety of skin problems. When you are old and your hair is white, you should keep a good attitude. If you want to keep young, you can’t ignore the psychological factors. If you look at white hair correctly, you should never lose your young heart. Focus