Can you eat normally and lie down to be thin? Which of these magic weight loss methods works best?

But in the “diet Lake”, there is a well-known “unique skill” which has been well-known for a long time. It can really meet these unreasonable conditions: lying down, losing weight and being cool.

experts from the University of Westminster in the UK once conducted such a test: invite a group of volunteers to watch horror movies, and then measure how much energy they consumed in watching movies according to their heart rate and breathing rate.

the study found that volunteers who watched horror movies consumed 113 calories in 90 minutes, equivalent to half an hour’s walk, which could offset a small piece of chocolate.

experts also found that the scarier the plot is, the more calories it consumes. When watching the horror film released in 1980, volunteers consumed 184 calories, which was more than 60% of the average sample.

horror movies can trigger the body’s “fight or flight” reaction: when we encounter something terrible or life-threatening, our brain will direct the body to release adrenaline, thus forcing the body to release glucose and fat energy to cope This kind of crisis. The increase of adrenaline can also speed up the heart rate and metabolic rate, burn calories and help lose weight.

under the joint action of nerves and hormones, the body will have more actions, such as goose bumps, sweating, muscle tension and even shaking. The blood in the body will flow more into the heart and brain, resulting in less blood in the skin and limbs, and you will feel cold.

but for some people, watching horror movies is endless suffering, which will aggravate the heart load, make it difficult to sleep at night, and even lead to myocardial infarction, heart disease and other problems.

studies have shown that the amygdala, which controls fear, also controls positive emotions, which means that when you are frightened by zombies, you may also feel excited and happy.

recalls as like as two peas in the horror movie, the heart rate, breathing speed, sweating of palms, and pupil enlargement are almost identical to those of excitement.

and during the survey, volunteers generally reported that they preferred to watch horror movies with other people. This shows that watching horror movies can enhance social contact, and the “fine tradition” of dating horror movies is still very scientific!

ABC News of the United States once introduced a method of freezing weight loss, which can reduce the body surface temperature by 30 to 50 degrees in a very short time, and the whole process can save 800 calories after 3 minutes.

this way of losing weight is called ice bucket, and it is also called ultra-low temperature therapy in a professional way. It is very popular in the circle of foreign athletes to achieve the effects of consuming calories, improving metabolic rate and repairing sports injuries.

However, cryotherapy is still not widely popular in China, and there will be experience shops in some cities. If you are interested, you can experience it offline and exchange your experience with Xiaotang in the message area ~

the reason is that hair binding can stimulate the nerve reflex points of hair, which connect with all relevant parts of the human body. Hair binding can accelerate blood flow, increase muscle activity and promote fat burning.

it’s not a coincidence to say that it’s a coincidence. Just three days later, our “Wang mani” also aired her own salt and water dinner on Weibo.

they even proposed the killing move of “eating a lot of Salt + drinking water = full water”, and then they could lose weight by urinating. Are they not afraid of dehydration and loss of muscle and protein?