Can you save your face after the deepest night?

People who don’t diet are common now, but people who don’t stay up late really rarely hear about it. Although you know that staying up late has a great impact on skin health, many people still can’t escape the real fragrance law. I feel I am not myself. After all, the whole body is bad. The skin condition is especially bad. So many people choose to resort to the first aid facial mask to save the patient.

in addition to staying up late, if the skin condition is unstable, such as sensitivity or inflammation, and so on, there is another important interview appointment. At this time, it can only be a dead horse as a live horse doctor, and first resort to an emergency mask.

first aid mask is very creative. It reminds people of the hospital emergency. When hospitals first aid, they usually use unconventional methods, such as injection of epinephrine, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and mounting brackets. To use it legally and formally in cosmetics, a component must pass two tests. The first test is the blacklist test, and the ingredient cannot appear on the blacklist of prohibited substances; the second test is the test of grey list, and the ingredients should be included. If there is no included ingredient, it should be applied for approval as new raw material, and it can not be used before it is approved. Back and forth, what’s more,

is not different from the ordinary mask. It’s all about those things that can’t be added to the facial mask. It’s impossible to add what special ingredients to it. At most, add gold, alumina, mica and other relatively cold door materials, to create a little visual effect and marketing gimmicks.

because of limited ingredients, the first aid mask can only be differentiated in marketing, such as the name of first aid, bandage, SOS and so on. In short, people can rely on first aid and medical treatment, but these words are often not found on the formal record names, because they have stepped on the red line of medical treatment. The

first aid facial mask has a patch type and a smear type. There are roughly two kinds of functional uses. The first is subtraction, which is similar to the principle of cleansing mask. Oil skin produces more oil, and it will be dark under the action of light. Remove the fat with a cleansing mask, and the skin will naturally shine. After staying up late, the cleaning effect is especially obvious, but the duration is relatively short, and it will not be long before it is restored to its original state.

take on an altogether new aspect of the facial mask, which is exfoliating. It can make skin fresh by exfoliating keratin quickly. Many people feel that the skin is refreshed, so once a week, it is thought that it can improve the skin roughness. In fact, this method is easy to cause skin sensitivity and damage, and it is not suitable for frequent use. It is almost once a month.

the second kind of first aid facial mask is addition, adding oil and quick acting brightening, and its ingredients are almost the same as moisturizing cream. When using, apply a layer thick to create a local closed microenvironment, and increase the moisture content of cuticle of skin.

some products are also different in packaging, such as using metal outer membrane + mask cloth heating design, the skin will feel a sense of fever. This kind of added first aid mask has a short duration and is not suitable for inflammatory skin, serious barrier and sensitive skin. If you really have to stay up late because of work and your skin is not good, you should make it up quickly. Getting back to sleep is the best way to save. It is also an effective “first aid” method to use two hot towels to apply hot compress in turn. Hot towels have two functions, on the one hand, speed up blood flow, make skin red and moist, on the other hand, provide moisture to cuticle. In addition, wipe off the excess sebum and act as a cleansing mask. After dry skin is covered with hot towels, it is necessary to quickly apply the moisturizing cream to make the skin more full. 08/17/2020