Can you stand up to my beatings? Sea and land can

From the singing and dancing stage debut to the challenge of high-level harmony later, the sea and land in the camera always seems to let you see more of her in the next second when you think you know her thoroughly. < p > < p > in this issue of my beauties, sister o decided to bypass the camera and meet the sea and land in life. Poke below watch a complete video, pull open the curtain of dressing room for the first time, O elder sister can’t help but sigh: This is too girly feeling, right? Seeing Lu Lu Zi in her baby shirt and long hair waving to sister o, I feel the air is beginning to bubble and take heart ~ < / P > < p > and so on. Are you sure this is the real beauty without the lens filter? For! What! What! Lu Lu Zi’s skin can be so watery! Bright! What kind of skin care small “muscle” density do female stars have before starting work? Today, sister o is here to help you dig. Before you start, you can “water” a little bit. The other party took a picture of your water light muscle, didn’t you? How can we prepare “water” before we start work? Oh, it’s for skin! < / P > < p > due to the need for multiple look changes during the shooting, the makeup will be adjusted according to the needs, frequent makeup removal, and dry powder sticking on the muscle bottom. How can you withstand the high-definition lens of face to face shooting? < p > < p > Lu Lu told o elder sister that patting moisturizing water before applying makeup can increase the moisturizing degree of skin. IPSA’s flowing golden water is water sensitive texture, fresh and easy to absorb after being put on the face, which can adjust the water and oil balance of the skin. It can also be used with cotton to clean the skin twice. Under the high-definition lens, the “muscle” effect of high-definition lens makes the skin more delicate. What kind of skin state can resist 360 ° face-to-face shooting?

if the time allowed line is min, apply the “ten full complement” mask. This mask contains NCEF ingredients, which can smooth skin blemishes, brighten complexion, nourish the bottom of muscles more effectively, resist aging signs, and quickly adjust the skin to a good mirror condition.

“Shiquan Da bu” mask is a very light cream texture. It is easy to apply evenly without brushing. When used sensitive, it can also soothe the skin and make your skin as sweet as ice cream. After ~

intensive care, you need an efficient muscle essence to wake up the cells. The essence of Julie Kou’s Peng Peng has extracted many kinds of plant essence, such as button buttons, horseradish and so on, so that nutrients can penetrate deeper into the bottom of the skin and open up subsequent absorption channels. < / P > < p > can I use sunscreen indoors? The function of sunscreen is not only to prevent ultraviolet ray, but also to moisturize and isolate the pollution of color makeup. It is also a treasure of “one multi effect”! The new favorite on the dressing table is beautiful. Lu Luzi planted so many pieces of grass. I didn’t expect that she would be “reverse” planting grass one day. This seayeo big row lamp is to tie the heart of sea and land with multi effect and convenience. < / P > < p > the self-contained bracket liberates both hands, and can deal with different skin problems in a variety of beauty modes. You can enjoy the beauty spa after 10 minutes on the dressing table. Lu Lu Zi recommends that you can try seayeo lamps before going to bed at night to soothe the tired skin of the day and take advantage of night care.

SEAYEO collocation lights can also be used with other beauty instruments. It will have 1+1 > 2 effect. It can not only whiten, rejuvenate, fix water, repair, even remove acne and anti-aging can be done. Even skin care Xiaobai can be easily operated. Lu Luzi’s praise won’t be idle. This love deserves to be won!

has found so many “women’s star makeup table secrets” in Lu Lu today. Without saying that, O sister has to rush back to enrich the shopping cart, apply the mask to the lamp, and the next C is you! BEAUTY&SKIN CARE