Can you stay up all night with your face full of vitality? I learned from Zhang Yuxi this time

Finally wait until the 11 long holiday, do you feel sorry for yourself if you don’t play for several nights? But after staying up all night, the skin is likely to be unbearable… < / P > < p > when the normal work and rest habits are changed, the body’s metabolism is easy to have problems, dark yellow and pox problems are easy to come to the door. At this time, it’s better to learn how to deal with Zhang Yuxi, who has a clever way to stay up all night, to see how she can keep in good condition while staying up all night running! < / P > < p > Zhang Yuxi actually belongs to the “thick face” type, with a small face and three-dimensional facial features, which makes her more bright and moving after makeup. Zhang Yuxi has done a lot of homework to keep her vitality and skin shining all the time! < / P > < p > it’s a daily maintenance process for many stars to inject oxygen into their skin with special instruments. Especially when they occasionally need to stay up late and have insufficient sleep, it’s a good way to take out a small household oxygen injection instrument to clean and moisturize their skin.

Zhang Yuxi used the oxygen injecting apparatus of Yanaier. When doing routine maintenance, the ordinary pure water can be added to the oxygen injecting instrument. If the skin is dry and the condition is very bad, it can also add refreshing toner or essence water.

Zhang Yuxi used The Ordinary eye essence is also recommended by many female stars. After basic maintenance, massage around the eye area can not only promote absorption, but also make the blood circulation of the eye more open, avoiding the problem of dark circles on the second day. < / P > < p > after using the oxygen injection instrument, the absorption channel of the skin will be opened, and the nutrients in the skin care products can be better absorbed, so the follow-up skin care steps do not need to be too complex, simple and practical enough, and the dosage does not need to be too much. Aesop’s Parsley Seed essence needs only a thin layer of face to smear. The effect of replenishing water and shining the skin is very good. It is very suitable for staying up after the night. < / P > < p > if you are worried about muscle stiffness after staying up late, you can do some stretching and relaxing exercises before going to bed. The range and amount of exercise are not large, and you don’t need to occupy a lot of space at home, but you can make your body better and sleep better. < / P > < p > beautiful shoulder and neck lines are what many girls want to have, and trapezius stretching and relaxation is very suitable for doing before going to bed or after midnight. < / P > < p > gently hold the back of your head with your right hand, first lean your head to the right, then gently turn your neck to the left, and look at the ceiling. At this time, you can clearly feel the left trapezius stretching. Adhere to about 30 seconds can obviously feel the fatigue and pain of the situation has been reduced, and then the other side to continue to do it. < / P > < p > in addition, there are several small movements that can improve the round shoulder hunchback, which can make the back straight and the posture more beautiful. It is also suitable for taking a few minutes to do before going to bed! < / P > < p > first of all, raise your hands, hold your left elbow from the back of your head with your right hand, press it to the right with a little force, and the range can be controlled according to your flexibility. If you feel slight pain, try to keep your back upright and not bending, and then continue to do it on the other side. This movement can help us open our back and improve the bad posture caused by long-term sedentary and desk work. It can make our temperament better if we insist on doing it for a few minutes every day! < / P > < p > if the muscles of the whole body feel tired and stiff after staying up late, a hot bath is also a good way to relax fatigue. Shampoo with fresh smell and bath gel that can bring a soothing and relaxing feeling are bonus points for daily maintenance. < / P > < p > the shampoo and conditioner of sipeiqi’s qinrunzhenzhi repair series are all good products that Zhang Yuxi likes to use recently. The amino acid composition is added in the formula to make the hair core stronger. It is not only very friendly to the hair top oil and hair tail star, but also has a clean and fresh smell. < / P > < p > shower gel is also an indispensable part of a good bath experience. It should not only bring us a pleasant smell, but also be able to clean online. Anbaodi’s scrub Bath Gel combines the body scrub and shower gel into one. It doesn’t need to use a separate scrub, and it can also make the old cutin accumulated on the body metabolize faster, so that the skin can better absorb the follow-up skin care products. It’s a must for delicate girls! The essence of

La Mer repair essence is more like the combination of essence and water. It is thicker than ordinary essence, but its fluidity and ductility are all good. Its absorbency is fast and sticky. It is very suitable for use during the season changing. It can restore the stability of red and sensitive skin, and give the skin a good state of luster and luster all day.

CLARINS’s double extract essence is essence + essential oil separation design. It can adjust the ratio of oil and essence according to its skin. Before use, you need to use the temperature of your hand to help emulsify, and then massage a little to be absorbed by the skin, which is very suitable for staying up late! < / P > < p > stay up party and mobile phone party must pay more attention to eye care. Estee Lauder Eye Cream is very suitable for stay up people. The light pink cream texture will soon be absorbed by the skin after being pushed away. It has a high degree of moisture, but it is not oily at all, leaving no sticky feeling after absorption. Although

seems to be the texture of cream, it will be opened with a gentle touch on the face. The skin feels cool and easy to absorb. After the use of the skin, the small fine lines produced by staying up late are filled with many, and the skin is still moist and shiny after getting up on the second day.

this kind of “ten full complement” mask is also very suitable for staying up late. Cream mousse texture, thick but not heavy, very good push away, smear when you need to have a certain thickness, so that every inch of the face of the skin is wrapped by mask, after 20 minutes wash the skin will become soft and shiny, so that your face is no longer full of fatigue after sitting up. HEALTHY LIFE