Can you still do “shameful things” after pregnancy? A: Yes! But pay attention to “emotional fetal education”

Let’s take a look at a group of studies. After the first pregnancy, most pregnant mothers are afraid of living with husband and wife. According to a survey on attitudes towards pregnancy sexual behavior, only 0.7% of wives require husband and wife to live. 85% of pregnant mothers think that the life of husband and wife during pregnancy should be reduced. 10% of pregnant mothers think that they should keep the same rhythm as before pregnancy. 01

Q: can we still do something shameful after pregnancy? A: Yes, sex during pregnancy is not strictly prohibited. A healthy and moderate couple’s life will not harm the fetus, but also enhance the relationship between husband and wife.

according to a study in western countries, 10% of couples who have sex twice a week after 35 weeks of pregnancy are much less in Eastern countries. Generally speaking, pregnant women’s sexual behavior is mainly to meet the psychological needs, while the husband’s physical satisfaction is the main component.

However, it should be noted that in the first three months of pregnancy, the embryo has not yet stabilized due to the growth and development of various organs. If the action is too large, it may lead to excessive mental excitement and physical discomfort of the pregnant mother, causing

, leading to abortion. Therefore, in the early pregnancy, that is, within 1-3 months of pregnancy, pay attention to abstinence of husband and wife life. The most important thing is that pregnant mothers with a history of miscarriage should be forbidden to live with husband and wife.

couples are not recommended to live in the third trimester of pregnancy, because with the growth and development of the fetus, with a big belly, if you do something shameful, it may oppress the fetus. Moreover, if the action is too big,

can do shame things between the third and seventh months of pregnancy, that is, during this period of pregnancy. But the father to be should pay attention to proper self-restraint and gentle movements to avoid damaging the health of mother and baby.

there are six points to pay attention to in the second trimester of pregnancy. First of all, we should know that the placenta has formed in the second trimester, and it is relatively stable. The early pregnancy reaction has passed, and the body is light. Reasonable arrangement can also carry out husband and wife’s life. However, we should pay attention to the following matters:

bacterial infection is easily caused in the special period of pregnancy, so we should pay special attention to hygiene when we are ashamed Before shame, pay attention to the body cleaning, fully clean the palms and nails.

in general, you will not get pregnant again during pregnancy, but you can also use condoms because it is more hygienic. In addition, because the semen contains prostaglandins, can let the uterus contract, so there is a cesarean section or premature pregnancy, mothers should pay attention to let the father to be use condoms.

“Gee, another earthquake Monologue from the fetus, shame things, more consideration of the baby’s feelings, appropriate control frequency, 1-2 times a week is appropriate.

what is particularly important here is that we should also pay attention to fetal “emotional fetal education” when we are carrying out shame in the second trimester of pregnancy. When we are intimate, we can bring pleasure and full emotion to the pregnant mother, and the fetus in the womb can also feel it. So if the pregnant mother is in a bad mood, please stop in time.

。 Because the secretion of pregnancy will increase, it is best to clean with warm water every day, avoid using lotion, warm boiled water is the best cleaning products. Remember to avoid washing by hand as before pregnancy. At the same time, avoid using alkaline soap to clean the vagina, because changing the vaginal environment during pregnancy can easily let the bacteria take advantage, leading to the invasion and reproduction of bacteria.

。 In addition, we should pay attention to avoid putting the underwear in the dark corner to dry, and it is better to get them exposed to the sun every day. Ultraviolet is the best natural fungicide.

④ special water basin and bath towel. In order to avoid cross infection, pregnant mother should wash the water basin and bath towel of vulva separately. If the condition is limited, when using basin washing at home, you should pay attention to wash from front to back.

avoid bringing residual stool or bacteria into the vagina. In addition to the above private topics, pregnant mothers should pay attention to keep a regular life, good work and rest time, pay attention to balanced diet, nutrition and good mood during pregnancy.

, when it’s time to exercise restraint, take care of the physical and mental state of the pregnant mother, so as to give birth to a healthy baby. This article is an original content, focusing on the field of child care, intensive work, silent day shift, to provide more professional child care science. 08/16/2020