Cancer can’t be eliminated! After 50 years of research on cancer, academicians advise people not to operate easily

After playing with cancer all his life, this black haired and vigorous old man is Tang ZHAOYOU, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and a famous oncologist.

since 1968, Professor Tang ZHAOYOU began to study cancer after graduation, and it has been more than 50 years this year. In every forum speech, he advocated the view that “cancer patients should not be operated easily”. Many people asked him if he could fight cancer quickly? Tang ZHAOYOU believes that in the modern war on cancer control for nearly 200 years, human beings have not yet conquered cancer. Cancer control is a protracted war, and we can not have the mentality of “one stroke and one stroke” to cure.

in the treatment of cancer, most patients and doctors believe that malignant tumor is an extra “foreign body” growing out of the body. As long as one knife is removed and the cut is “clean”, the body changes can be solved. Professor Tang ZHAOYOU said that this idea is totally wrong. “Cancer is different from infectious diseases. The latter is the invasion of foreign enemies. The former is caused by internal and external imbalance. Cancer cells are transformed from normal cells, not enemies of foreign invasion, and may be” transformed. ”

the essence of cancer is normal cells mutated from the human body. Due to the long-term imbalance between inside and outside the patient’s body, normal cells are finally “blackened”. There are many factors that cause the imbalance between inside and outside the body. Environmental pollution and eating habits are common external causes, while neuroendocrine factors and metabolic factors are internal factors. It can be said that cancer itself is a chronic systemic disease.

it is the first to eliminate cancer if you get cancer. However, over the past hundred years, people have successively invented surgical therapy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, etc. to treat cancer, but this stubborn “enemy” is still not completely defeated by human beings.

Tang ZHAOYOU believes that cancer control is a protracted war. The more anxious you are, the more you can’t find the right direction. Those who hold that “one knife can solve the problem” may not be correct. There are advantages and disadvantages in the methods of eliminating cancer. Even the targeted therapy with the least side effects is no exception. We must not “rush” on the road of anti-cancer, otherwise it will easily lead to the situation of taking care of one and losing the other.

“the low cure rate of liver cancer used to be the bottleneck that could not be broken through in clinical research of cancer in China.” Tang ZHAOYOU recalled that in the early stage of clinical research on liver cancer, an operation often took 10 hours, and the patient relapsed and died within one or two months after operation, and the five-year survival rate was less than 10%.

after more than 40 years of unremitting efforts, Professor Tang put forward the concepts of “small liver cancer” and “subclinical liver cancer” in China, and studied how to reduce the tumor and then resect it. This research has achieved a breakthrough of zero five-year survival rate for patients with unresectable liver cancer, which shocked the medical community at home and abroad.

he proposed that we should “eliminate” and “transform” to deal with cancer. The “transformation” includes two aspects: one is the transformation of the body, mainly to improve the body’s resistance, so as to give full play to its own strength to deal with residual cancer; the other is to reform the residual cancer to make it “change evil and return to normal”.

at the summit forum of academicians of cancer prevention and control, academician Cheng Shujun introduced that in 2014, there were 3.8 million new malignant tumors in China, the incidence and mortality of cancer in western countries decreased, and China was still growing slowly. At present, the 5-year survival rate of cancer patients in China is about 30%, which has reached 70% – 80% in developed countries. Our number is less than half of others.

Sun Yan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, refuted the statement of “going abroad for cancer treatment” at the summit forum of academicians of cancer prevention and control: “it is a misunderstanding to treat cancer abroad, and the treatment level of common cancers in China is not inferior to that of developed countries”.

many people with good economic conditions will first consider going to developed countries such as Europe and the United States for treatment. Academician Sun Yan said that in terms of new drug research and development, there is indeed a gap between China’s investment and that of the United States, but in most cases, the treatment level of common cancers in China is not inferior to that of the United States. For example, he said, such as esophageal cancer and nasopharyngeal carcinoma, these tumors are relatively rare in European and American countries, and Chinese doctors have more clinical experience.

many years ago, when cancer was mentioned, it was generally regarded as a terminal disease. With the continuous progress of medical treatment, cancer gradually became a chronic disease. Early cancer cure rate is very high, cancer patients can be cured, the key lies in early detection, so regular cancer screening is very important.

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