Cancer focus excision, why can relapse? Doctors summed up three reasons, need to do early understanding

Now medical technology is more developed, many diseases can be cured, of course, cancer has not been completely found a cure, but for cancer medical experts have found a lot of treatment methods, to a certain extent, can delay the onset of cancer. There are many treatments, such as surgical resection, chemotherapy, ablation and so on, which can slow down the pace of cancer attack. < / P > < p > in fact, the degree of tumor deterioration in the human body is relatively high. If it is relatively fast, if people do not do any intervention, cancer cells will appear and spread all over the body until people’s life stops. The method of surgical resection is to remove the tumor from people’s body, so that it does not continue to harm the surrounding organs. But surgical resection is not everything, there are many cancer patients after tumor resection, there are still many patients with cancer cells continue to spread. < / P > < p > if cancer patients still have cancer cell proliferation after tumor resection, it will be a heavy blow to the patients and their families. Many patients and their families think that after the tumor resection operation, there is nothing to do, just do a good job of protection, but the fact is not like this. Why does cancer recur after the tumor resection? Doctors summed up three reasons, cancer patients’ friends and family members need to know as soon as possible. The first reason is poor immunity. When cancer patients have cancer, their immunity is much worse than when they don’t have cancer. Sometimes, a small temperature difference may make the patient sick, so the recurrence after the operation is closely related to the poor immunity of cancer patients. And in the process of treatment, if the patient’s immunity does not improve, then the risk of cancer recurrence is relatively large. There are also many such cases in clinic, so patients’ friends must strengthen their own immunity after cancer lesion resection. < / P > < p > the second reason is that the cancer focus is not “removed” completely. When doctors do tumor resection surgery, sometimes there will be cancer cells on the patient’s organs. These cancer cell diseases do not form tumors, but they are still active in the patient’s body. These cancer cells are very small, some cancer cells need to be observed through the microscope, so even if it is surgically removed, it can only remove the visible part of the naked eye. < / P > < p > sometimes cancer cells will be destroyed by the body’s immune system after tumor resection, but a small number of stubborn cancer cells will choose to follow the blood flow to other parts of the body, and then hide in other organs. When the body’s immunity leaks again, it will come out and make trouble. The third reason is cancer. When cancer patients are diagnosed, some patients are in the early stage, some patients are in the late stage. For patients with advanced cancer, timely through the surgical resection method, the probability of recurrence is also much greater than that of early patients. The range of cancer cell proliferation in early cancer patients is not very large, but the range of cancer cell proliferation in advanced cancer patients is relatively large, so it will lead to cancer recurrence again. So cancer must be found early, early treatment, so you can extend their life. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”