Cancer is not a terminal disease! There is great hope for the cure of these four kinds of cancer, so we should have confidence

According to the current medical level, many cancers are indeed difficult to cure, and the recurrence rate after cure is relatively high, so the probability of long-term survival is not high. In particular, a lot of cancer to the late cure rate is also very low. < / P > < p > but there are also some cancers that can be cured, and the 5-year survival rate can reach more than 80%. Even some cancers still have the hope of being cured in the advanced stage. So for cancer, we should establish confidence and actively cooperate with the treatment.

cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women. Although the incidence rate is very good, the cure rate is also very high, and it is also the most easily cured cancer. If it can be found early, the hope of cure can even reach 100%. So the cure of cervical cancer gives cancer patients great confidence. Female friends can learn about the prevention of cervical cancer vaccine in advance, can be vaccinated. < / P > < p > at present, the incidence of gastric cancer is also very high, and in recent years, gastric cancer is becoming younger and younger, about 15% of the patients are young people, so it is necessary to understand the relevant knowledge of gastric cancer. < / P > < p > the cure rate of early gastric cancer can reach more than 60%, so the cure of gastric cancer needs to be found in advance. If there are symptoms of stomach discomfort in the past, it is recommended to do gastroscopy screening every year, so as to find cancer early. < / P > < p > the cure rate of advanced gastric cancer is not so good. If it is a high-risk group of gastric cancer, we must remember to check the gastrointestinal endoscopy and X-ray barium meal every year. < / P > < p > because of the diversification of diet, the incidence of colorectal cancer is more and more, but if early detection of colorectal cancer, the hope of cure can even reach more than 80%. < / P > < p > because colorectal cancer is closely related to diet, we can prevent the occurrence of colorectal cancer by improving diet and living habits. < / P > < p > breast cancer is also very common in women, and it is a serious threat to women’s health. If it is early breast cancer, the general cure rate can reach more than 90%. < / P > < p > moreover, with the development of medical technology, the continuous improvement of surgical scheme and the combined application of drugs, the treatment of breast cancer is more and more advanced. < / P > < p > therefore, women suffering from breast cancer must have a positive attitude to face the disease and take active treatment. It is suggested that women should check the breast once or twice a year to find the disease as soon as possible, and the cure rate will be higher. With the continuous development of medical technology, the cure rate of various diseases is improving. Therefore, cancer patients must cooperate with doctors, actively treat and fight against cancer to the end. < / P > < p > never delay or give up treatment, even if there is a glimmer of hope. Only in this way can we improve our life span and the quality of life. < / P > < p > the physical quality of cancer patients is relatively low, so we must develop good living and eating habits, eat a balanced diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, take in high nutritional substances, and improve our body’s resistance and immunity. Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this