Cancer is not equal to incurable disease, oncologist: if you can do all three things, you can live with tumor

A few days ago, I made a phone call with my mother to listen to her. Huahua, who used to play with me as a child, was only 35 years old and had been taken away by cancer. At the same time, I repeatedly remind my mother that when you feel sick, you must see a doctor as soon as possible. < / P > < p > when you are young, you lose your life because of cancer. For people, cancer is not a difficult problem many years ago. Maybe the symptoms are serious and the treatment effect is not very good. But cancer doesn’t seem to be an incurable disease now. Today, many young people still have a misconception that as long as they get cancer, they will have to wait for death and leave to fate. In fact, in the view of oncologists, many years of clinical experience, we have seen that many patients can live with tumor for many years. There is no good balance between cancer eradication and cancer eradication. The survival period of patients has been effectively extended, and the treatment will have more vitality. The process of some cancers is relatively long, and people can usually use their own intervention to control the disease. < / P > < p > the slogan on the hospital corridor: early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment shows that early cancer patients are only one step away from cure. Some people who are more sensitive to radiotherapy and chemotherapy have no problem with the survival time of five or ten years after treatment. The first thing to do is to get enough nutrition. If you are sick, you have to add more high-quality protein, and cancer is no exception. The best food tonic to promote immunity is high-quality protein. Don’t think about starving cancer after diagnosis of cancer. You must eat more fish, chicken and bean products. < / P > < p > in some patients with cancer, their normal gastrointestinal function has been impaired, and their absorption capacity for nutrition has been greatly reduced. At this time, we can follow the doctor’s advice and use some high concentration nutrients to ensure the body needs. Some patients with primary lesions have not changed, as long as three meals a day to eat well, there will be motivation to fight cancer. < / P > < p > the second thing is to do more exercise and rest early to change bad habits. The occurrence of cancer is closely related to people’s wrong living habits. Even if it is not the main contributing factor, it will certainly bring opportunities to cancer. Staying up late, smoking, drinking and not exercising may accelerate the growth of cancer cells. At night, when the body’s internal organs are not given the opportunity to recuperate, cancer cells will wait for the opportunity to act, sow and grow at a certain time, and finally form tumors. In addition to staying up late, the other two habits also promote cancer. Only by making changes as soon as possible can the body’s immune system work. < / P > < p > the third thing is to keep a positive and healthy attitude. When diagnosed with cancer, the most common thing doctors see is the change of the patient’s mentality. Few patients have the confidence to fight cancer for a long time. When the treatment is half way through, the body can’t endure and the psychology will collapse, and the cancer will win. < / P > < p > if you want to survive with cancer, you need to eliminate the fear of disease, and have a good positive attitude. In the view of doctors, half of the patients have recovered. Psychological stress can affect various organs, and the internal environment that is difficult to operate normally is not conducive to the treatment of cancer. To eliminate prejudice, cancer is not an incurable disease without medicine. If you want to live with cancer and live longer, you must do the three things that the doctor told you in front of you. Even if only can persist in doing one thing for a long time, it will help to inhibit cancer cells. Privacy Policy