Can’t a new pregnant mother lie on her back? Three golden commandments in early pregnancy

Since knowing they have babies, expectant mothers have become extremely nervous. Besides exercise, diet and work, they are careful about sleeping posture. Many expectant mothers have learned that they can choose to sleep on the left side when they are pregnant. However, it is difficult to keep sleeping on the left every day in October of pregnancy. In fact, in addition to this, there are many sleeping positions. She said that except for vomiting, all the others were OK. When you go to the hospital for a labor check, the doctor tells Meixin: pay attention to the sleeping position when you go to bed. After listening to this sentence, Meixin is confused. I don’t know if I was in the wrong sleep position before, and I don’t know which sleeping position to use is correct. It is not easy to get pregnant! In fact, the doctor’s warning is correct. After pregnancy, the stomach will become bigger and bigger. Sleep posture needs attention to avoid accidentally overwhelming and touching the fetus, which will cause discomfort. The doctor said that the sleeping position during pregnancy should be mainly based on the comfort of mother and baby. If the sleeping position of the quasi mother makes the baby in the stomach feel uncomfortable, the baby will do some “little actions” to signal the mother. It is OK, of course. In fact, for the newly pregnant prospective mother, there is no fixed sleeping posture, and it is very important to feel comfortable. But try not to sleep on the ground and sleep on the legs. It is mentioned above that when pregnant, the sleeping position of pregnant mother is not very fixed, and it is important to feel comfortable. In the middle and late pregnancy, she should not only lie on the left, or make herself comfortable, and adjust it appropriately. Why do many people choose to sleep on the left? The original left side sleep, can reduce the uterine pressure on the vein to a certain extent, so that the fetal supply has been guaranteed, is beneficial for the development of the fetus. Therefore, it is not necessary for expectant mothers to sleep on their left side when they are in the early stage of pregnancy. In the early stage of pregnancy, it is the best to choose their comfortable sleeping posture, and it is also very important to have enough sleep and quality and not to start night frequently. It is often found that the pregnant women can not sleep well or even insomnia with the help of pregnant women during pregnancy. If the method of changing sleeping posture is not very effective, pregnant mothers can prepare a pregnant woman pillow at home. As for the choice of pregnant women’s pillows, it is necessary to meet their own needs. If the size of the bed and space in the home is not enough, the size of the pillow is very large. When they are pregnant, they are prone to dizziness, which is probably caused by hypoglycemia. Because of the nutrition of the daily diet of pregnant mothers, the fetus will absorb it. It will be a little less than once, although blood sugar will rise when eating, it will fall down in a short time. On the other hand, because of the changes in blood pressure after pregnancy, especially when you stand up, you will feel dizzy. The doctor suggested that pregnant women can eat one meal several times or eat more meals less, but the empty stomach should not be too long. If you go out, you can prepare some cookies and so on. When getting up, pregnant women should pay attention to it. Don’t stand up quickly, get up slowly as much as possible, and don’t stand for a long time. You can move appropriately and change her posture. If there is a slight cold during pregnancy, you don’t need to use it. Jiangtang is also a good choice. When you drink hot water and plug your nose, you can cover it with a hot towel. In the early stage of pregnancy, the progesterone of expectant mothers is low, and the fetus may develop slowly, which is prone to miscarriage. When the hospital checks out that the pregnant mother has low progesterone, the doctor will take the initiative to take measures to protect the fetus. The expectant mother should not become anxious or worried about it. She should keep her body and mood relaxed as much as possible. She should also cooperate with the doctors’ measures of baby protection. In general, she should pay attention to rest during the day and go to the hospital regularly for examination. In short, in some aspects, the expectant mothers in the early pregnancy need not pay much attention to it, so it is good to keep a relaxed and happy mind. I wish the expectant mothers can get through the early pregnancy smoothly and have a smooth pregnancy ~< a href= target=_ blank>After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so