Can’t you do thigh pronation after yoga for so long? 1 Yoga brick, 1 movement, 3 minutes to teach you

The correct use of thigh rotation can make the inner thigh participate in sports more effectively. Strengthen the inner thigh muscle exercise, eliminate the inner thigh worship, beautify the leg. < / P > < p > for example, when practicing the sleeping swan pose, straightening the back leg and internal rotation of the thigh can prevent the hip from turning over and help the hip straighten. Similar to the sleeping swan are the pitchfork monkey haruman, battle three, battle one < / P > < p > for another example, in kyphosis, thigh internal rotation can release the space of the lumbar spine, help us enter a greater kyphosis, and avoid the compression of the lumbar spine and sacroiliac joint. < / P > < p > but many people can’t find the feeling of thigh internal rotation, or they don’t know how to exert force to make thigh internal rotation. Some people even make thigh internal rotation into knee buckle. Today, let’s teach you a simple way to learn thigh internal rotation. Prepare a yoga brick, a movement, as long as 3 minutes to teach you thigh rotation, can also improve the leg shape oh. < / P > < p > “put the Yoga brick on the inside of the thigh, let the legs to the middle to clip yoga” I believe everyone has done and will do it. It’s very simple to find the feeling of the inner rotation of the thigh, that is, on the basis of clamping the Yoga brick with both legs, add the action of pushing the brick back with the legs. < / P > < p > I’ll repeat it again. It’s very simple: first put the Yoga brick between your thighs, clamp the brick with your legs, and then push the brick backward with your legs. < / P > < p > we usually use our legs to clip the Yoga brick, that is, we use our legs to force the Yoga brick to the middle; the internal rotation of our thighs is to push the Yoga brick back, and the main force is not to clip it to the middle, but to push it back. You can put your hands on your hips when you push the Yoga brick backward. If you do it right, you will feel your hips expand to both sides and open up < / P > < p > 1. You can step down with your big toe to help activate the inner thigh muscles, but control your knees not to buckle in. It’s the thigh pronation, not the whole leg pronation. Another point is to put the brick up a little, as close as possible to the bottom of the thigh, away from the knee. 2. When pushing back, don’t raise your hips. It’s turning your thighs inward to turn the bricks to the back, not through raising your hips to bring the bricks to the back. Must experience: one is the thigh rotation to turn the brick to the back; one is you pout the bottom to send the brick to the back. < / P > < p > stand well in mountain pose, put the brick at the root of thigh, clamp the Yoga brick between legs, put both hands on hips, thigh, or both sides of body naturally. When you inhale, extend and exhale, try to hold the brick back with your thighs, continue to inhale, extend and exhale, and then send it back. Finally, stay for 3 to 5 breaths during the internal rotation of the thigh. When staying: pay attention to the inner thigh muscles, the front thigh, and the feeling of the hip and lumbar spine. < / P > < p > put yoga bricks on your legs to do the normal downward dog pose. When you stay, use your legs to push the bricks back. Like mountain pose, downward dog pose is also very easy to find the feeling of thigh rotation. Because the lower dog belongs to the forward bending position, in fact, the thigh is actively doing internal rotation when bending forward. What we need to do is push the boat along the water to strengthen the feeling of internal rotation. < / P > < p > kneel on the mat with yoga bricks between your legs. As you exhale, push the brick back with your thighs. Keep pushing back. When you exhale again, enter camel pose. Keep breathing for 5 to 8 groups. Camel is a small backward bending posture. We have mentioned the importance and necessity of thigh rotation in backward bending. < / P > < p > after the above series of preparations, let’s remove the Yoga brick. Put your right leg horizontally in the front of your body, land on your left knee and instep, bend your body forward to your own extent, and go to sleep in Swan style. Let the left leg find the feeling of pushing the Yoga brick back in front of the thigh to adjust the left hip joint. Practice on the opposite side. < / P > < p > many people complain that after practicing yoga for a long time, the thigh is still so thick, the flesh inside the thigh is loose and soft, and there is no change at all, let alone the lines, the inner thigh is still powerless and unconscious All these situations can try this method, persist for a period of time, you will have a surprise, will come back, thank me. CUISINE&HEALTH