Cat owner’s mental illness: I am mischievous, just want your love

You know, in fact, cat owners also suffer from mental illness. In the eyes of many people, the cat owners are extremely cold, and they can’t attract their attention. Even if many humble excrement removal officials try their best to please and pet them, the cat owners are also dismissive. Can such an independent, cold creature suffer from mental illness? Many people can’t believe it, but it is.

in fact, cats, like people, need not only food and clothing, but also love and respect. And for the captive “only” cats, it is even more so, all aspects of human beings are always affecting cats.

in the process of getting along with the cat owner, the excrement removing officer will find that the “bad son” of his family always has special or strange hobbies, and is mischievous and mischievous. However, other people’s cats are so cute, sensible and clingy.

in fact, the personalities of cat owners are not the same. It can be said that a thousand cats have a thousand personalities, just like people. But before raising a cat, many excrement removal officials had misunderstandings about the cat owner’s personality. They thought that the cat owner should be what he should be.

in addition to its own formation, the cat owner’s character is also deeply influenced by the excrement removing officials. A team led by Lauren finka, an animal welfare researcher at Nottingham Trent University in the UK, surveyed 3165 cat owners over the age of 18 and found that cats may absorb and reflect their owners’ personalities.

their cats are usually sensitive, alert and aggressive when they have a strong desire to control cat’s bad habits. However, their cats are more like spoiled children, lovely, clingy, lively and basically non aggressive. So, when a cat owner has behavioral problems or feels neurotic, should we first reflect on our own behavior and personality, and then consider whether to criticize the cat?

different from dogs, cat owners are actually full of facial paralysis. Their facial muscles can’t make rich expressions like human beings. They can only express their emotions through body language such as whiskers, ears, tails or meow. But this language, which is difficult to understand for human beings, is extremely easy to be ignored or even misunderstood. In this way, the needs and emotions of the cat owners are difficult to express, let alone understood.

we can imagine that if we are in a semi closed environment, everything can only be arranged by one person, and we can not express our own nature, that would be more depressing. It’s the same with kittens. What they want to do is constantly interrupted, frustrated, full of energy but unable to vent. The most intimate people can’t accompany themselves, and even can only be alone most of the time. Can they not be depressed?

cats who can’t express themselves always choose to digest their emotions alone. Their silence has become a normal in the eyes of most owners: “this is the character of my cat.” But in fact, the danger is that it comes in the process of inadvertent neglect.

the separation anxiety of cat owners is similar to that of children. The separation anxiety of children lies in their unwillingness to separate from their mothers who take care of TA, while the separation anxiety of cats lies in their unwillingness to separate from the excrement removing officers. Once separated, they will show physiological and behavioral abnormalities, which is also called “separation anxiety syndrome”.

different from what many people think, cat owners who are cold in appearance are actually more emotional than we think. They are very concerned about their own excrement removal officers. Studies have found that cats may use their owners as a source of security. When they were alone in a strange room, they showed restlessness, but when the shoveling officer appeared, 65% of the cats were relieved and began to be willing to explore their surroundings. This suggests that staying with the host may make them feel safe. In addition, I don’t know if you have found that when you are in the hospital, the owner of the cat will try to hold you. As long as you stay on your body, you will be less afraid.

Perhaps the cat’s attachment to the shovel official is deeper than we think. Therefore, when we are separated from each other, let alone for a long time.

depression is a very sad level for both humans and cats. For cats, suffering from depression is equivalent to chronic suicide.

the factors leading to the depression of a cat owner are very complicated. They may be due to the change of environment and the inability to adapt to the familiar areas; they may be depressed because of the change of seasons and the lack of sunshine they like best; the depression caused by long-term separation anxiety; or the anxiety of new members of the family who are worried about losing favor… There are some factors Depression can be self-regulation and digestion, but many times, cat owners are not so strong and optimistic.

many cats suffering from depression lose interest in everything from the outside world. They refuse to eat or drink. They refuse to accept the kindness and comfort of the excrement removal officials. They stay in a corner quietly, consume their bodies, and finally die.

a cat owner with mental illness will have some very typical behavior. However, when you suspect that your cat owner is suffering from mental illness through these symptoms, you must first take it to the pet hospital for a comprehensive and detailed physical examination. Only by excluding the physical factors can we accurately judge whether or not they have mental illness.

1. Disorderly excretion: basically, cat owners with separation anxiety syndrome will boo or stink in inappropriate places, especially in the bed of the excrement removal officer. But in fact, there is a very strong smell of excrement shoveling officers on the bed. The cat owners will mix their own smell with the smell of the excrement shoveling officers by excreting on the bed, which will make them more comfortable. At the same time, this kind of behavior of the cat owner also wants to let the excrement removal officer “find the way home” through the smell, and quickly go home to accompany it.

3. Don’t eat or drink: a cat owner with mental illness will automatically turn on a state of isolation from the world, and nothing can interest him. At the moment, the cat owner has begun to self close himself.

4. Abnormal behavior: the once clingy and lovely baby suddenly starts to ignore people, hide in the corner and even bite and beat people. This may not be that it has changed, but it feels that the love of the excrement removing officer has changed.

5. All kinds of diseases are caused by stress: the mood of a cat owner is actually very easy to affect his health. For example, stress is easy to cause gastrointestinal problems, and the depressed cat owner is prone to liver problems.

once a cat owner has a mental illness, it means that the excrement removing officer should spend as much time as possible to accompany them. Only sincere company is the good medicine to cure them. The mental health of the kitten does not mean that the excrement removal officer can be ignored at will, because whether it is for treatment or prevention, the cat owner needs the excrement removal officer most.

2. Environment and residence: many cat owners who are depressed because of moving and changing their environment. What you can do is to make them adapt to the new environment as soon as possible, and try to give them a wide vision, bask in the sun, see the scenery and ease their emotions. If it is because some objects are placed in the wrong position, such as litter basin, rice basin, nest, etc., those that can be restored to the original as much as possible;

3. Distraction: no matter how big a cat is, it is naturally hunting and curious. Many times, it is a good way to play games with cat owners to disperse their exuberant energy and raise their mood. If they are not at home, they can put some smart toys at home, so that they can play alone, so that they will not be too lonely.

6. Situation adaptation: if it is a mental illness caused by separation, then In their spare time, excrement shoveling officers can train the cat owners to adapt to the movements of leaving, such as increasing the movements of holding keys and clothes, and tell the cat owners through actions: “I left, but I will be back soon. You don’t need to worry about me.”

in fact, it is very important to change the role of the excrement removing officer. For a long time, we all think that raising a cat is a way to cure hairy children and we are responsible for them. But in fact, the cure is two-way. Just as we leave the cat owner for a long time, we will have separation anxiety. We always keep in mind the cat owner’s dynamic, so does the cat owner’s mood.

as excrement removal officers, we should change the role of cat owners from the role of children to the role of friends. We should also get rid of the role of mothers. We should have less restrictions and rules on the hairy children, and more respect, understanding and “listening” to each other. Only in this way can we grow stronger.