Cat Toilet knowledge, shovel excrement officer know how to choose the right litter basin and litter?

A few days ago, Lao Hu and a cat friend talked about how to solve the problem of how to solve the problem of cat litter on the toilet floor every day. In words, cat friend tried a lot on litter basin and litter, but the effect was not optimistic. In fact, cats have a lot of knowledge about going to the toilet. There are a lot of points to pay attention to. If you don’t pay much attention to it at ordinary times, you think that you can make a shopkeeper by putting litter in a corner and pouring a layer of litter. If the litter basin and litter are not used properly, the cat will have a lot of behavior problems, such as disorderly urinating at home and deliberately urinating outside the litter basin.

today, Lao Hu is here to share with you some common sense about the selection and placement of litter pots and litter, as well as the common sense that excrement removal officers are prone to neglect in these aspects.

at present, there are three main types of cat litter basins on the market: open type, semi closed type and fully closed type. Each kind of litter basin has its own advantages and disadvantages. It mainly depends on the needs of the excrement removing officer and the preference of the meow owner. There is no one good or bad.

generally speaking, it is recommended to choose an open litter basin for young cats under 10 months old. During this period, cats are growing up with poor resistance and unstable health. The open litter basin is not only convenient for cats to use, but also convenient for excrement removal officers to observe the defecation of cats, so as to understand the changes of cats’ health in time.

for adult cats, the preference and adaptability of cats should be the priority. If the cat feels uncomfortable in the toilet position, it will try to reduce the number of times to go to the toilet, which is very harmful to the cat’s urinary system, or it is convenient to protest directly near the litter basin. The trouble is the excrement removal officer himself.

cats living in the wild will defecate and bury them far away from their living areas, so as to prevent natural enemies from finding their nests through the smell of excrement. This is the nature of cats. At home, the dustman should follow the cat’s nature as much as possible when placing the litter basin. The litter basin should be placed in the corner far away from the cat bowl and water basin. For Laohu’s family, the cat bowl and water basin are placed beside the sofa in the living room to facilitate the cat to eat, while the cat litter basin is placed on the balcony, which can not only isolate the smell, but also keep a proper distance from the cat bowl and water basin. In addition, the balcony has a partition, which can also take into account the privacy of cats going to the toilet.

there are more and more kinds of cat litter, such as bean curd sand, pine sand, corn sand, crystal sand, bentonite, mineral sand and so on. We put aside the appearance to see the essence, from the actual demand level to make a choice.

for kittens less than three months old, due to the lack of judgment on the edibility of objects, it is recommended to choose edible cat litter such as bean curd sand or corn sand in order to avoid eating by mistake.
if you like it, you need to see it. Bentonite and mineral sand are the cat litter closest to the natural state, but the particles are too fine to be carried out easily. The mixing mode of bean curd sand and bentonite can be selected. 70% bean curd sand and 30% bentonite can meet the requirements of dust prevention, anti entrainment, water absorption, agglomeration and deodorization.

in order to prevent cats from leaving the toilet to make litter, a non slip pad can also be placed outside the litter basin. In this way, even if cat litter is brought out, most of it will be left on the mat, which will be convenient to clean up.

the size of the litter basin is to accommodate the cat to turn around easily. However, if you have a kitten at home, you need to pay attention to the physical growth of the cat. Maybe it will not take 2-3 months for the litter basin which looks quite loose.

under normal circumstances, cats will go to the toilet 4-8 times a day. It is natural that the qualified excrement removal officers can handle it in time every time. However, it is good that most office workers can keep cleaning twice a day. Some lazy excrement shoveling officers may think that the litter basin is so large that they can save a little more and deal with it once. Now it doesn’t look too dirty. However, for a cat, seeing that the litter basin is full of untreated feces, they may choose not to go to the toilet, or go to the toilet elsewhere, or even deliberately put them on the bed, sofa or outside the litter basin Toilet to show protest. Therefore, since they call themselves spade officials, it is better to shovel excrement frequently and quickly.

cats are animals with a strong sense of status. In a family with many cats, if the litter basin is not prepared enough, some cats with lower status may not be able to grab the toilet, resulting in a series of behavioral problems. Therefore, it is generally recommended that families with less than 5 cats should prepare litter basins according to the number of cats n + 1. If there are more than 5 cats, they should prepare according to the actual needs. It is often found that there are cats queuing up to go to the toilet, which means that more litter basins are needed.

some excrement removal officers may think that it would be better to cover the litter basin with cat litter, which can save a little bit. But in fact, if the litter is not spread enough, it will not only touch the bottom, but also affect the defecation experience of cats. Generally, it is suggested that the clean litter should be about 7 ~ 12cm in the litter basin, and then observe the actual use feeling of the cat, and then make minor adjustments.

it seems that we pay too much attention to the matter of cats going to the toilet, but it will affect many behaviors of cats by going to the toilet. Moreover, careful excrement removal officers can find out the health problems of cats in time through the toilet conditions of cats. Therefore, we should try our best to do the best we can.