Catch the tail of summer, this snack is arranged quickly, moistening and appetizing, and children and old people like it!

To say that children’s favorite snacks in summer, jelly is expected to rank first! Especially the jelly that has been refrigerated in the refrigerator is cool and refreshing. It is a sharp weapon to relieve the summer heat! My children are crazy fans of jelly. From childhood to adulthood, every time I go to the supermarket, I have to buy some to satisfy my hunger.
in addition to hot weather, people still need a lot of water in autumn!

but there are too many additives in all kinds of snacks nowadays. It’s not healthy for children to eat more colorful food. Mothers might as well try to do it for their children at home. Today, Meimei brings us a homemade jelly, embellished with colorful fruits. The appearance is absolutely no worse than that bought. My children can eat one whole at a time!

I used the red heart pitaya and mango, which are especially cheap in summer. You can change the types of fruit freely. One principle is that the brighter the color, the better. This season is the time when yellow peaches are produced in large quantities. You can also use them. The taste is very good. Look at the side, isn’t it very attractive? Real fruit jelly, mothers quickly arrange for the children. Pour the cold liquid into the white container. I used an eight inch solid low cake mold. It’s OK to use bowls and dishes directly.

the prepared jelly can be refrigerated in the refrigerator, and it can be solidified in about half an hour. The mold can be demoulded by reversing the mold. My children do not demould every time, but dig and eat with a spoon. The sweet q-pop and the heat will disappear. It’s more enjoyable to hold the whole plate!

when making fruit jelly, there are also some requirements for fruit: choose the fruit with soft taste, such as mango, peach, pitaya, kiwi, watermelon, etc., and try not to choose the one with too hard taste. The fruit is cut into pieces of the same size, making it more beautiful.

pitaya will be slightly dyed after a long time, so it’s better to eat it on the same day. I made it in the afternoon. I took a photo the next morning, and it was a little dizzy, but it didn’t have a big impact.