Cavity bone scallop radish soup, with fresh sweet, appetizer and water!

In dog days, the spleen and stomach are very delicate, thick and greasy food should be eaten as little as possible. Light soup can be properly drunk to compensate for the excessive water and nutrition lost due to sweating. Pig cavity is the vertebrae of a pig. It has many bones and tender meat. The soup tastes delicious and mellow. White radish is rich in vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients and plant fiber, which has heat clearing effect. Scallop is the pulling muscle of scallop. It is rich in zinc and tastes delicious. It is suitable for frying and stewing. The combination of these three makes soup without adding any additional seasoning. It has its own flavor and sweetness. It is a delicious soup for clearing heat and replenishing water in summer.

step 1: prepare pig cavity bone, white radish, scallop and scallion; rinse scallop twice with cold water, soak pork cavity bone in cold water for 10 minutes, rub and wash repeatedly, and rinse with cold water to remove excess blood water.

step 3: Boil the soup over medium heat and skim off the foam, so that the soup is clear and strong, and the nutrition is not lost; cover the lid and simmer until the meat on the cavity bone is almost bony.