CCTV exposure shampoo blacklist! A lot of girls are using it. No wonder the less they wash their hair

As we all know, the quality of hairstyle also determines our appearance and temperament, so girls always wash their hair before going out, in order to concave out a better look. < / P > < p > but every time when I wash my hair, I always grab a lot of hair. The situation of hair loss is very serious. Why do I still lose my hair when I keep a good habit of washing my hair? In fact, the reason is very simple, may be the wrong shampoo! < / P > < p > shampoo is indispensable to every household, but there are many brands and ingredients of shampoo. If the shampoo is not suitable for you, the worse the hair will be washed, and even the hair loss will be aggravated. < / P > < p > as the shampoo industry is also mixed, CCTV once exposed a number of shampoo blacklists, mainly due to the addition of non-conforming additives in the ingredients. These ingredients may have certain benefits to the hair, but after a long time, they will also have a negative impact, even directly affect the hair quality! < / P > < p > silicone oil shampoo is common, it can make the hair become very smooth, but because it is insoluble in water, long-term use may block pores, leading to scalp itching, hair loss and so on! < / P > < p > in fact, you don’t have to worry about that. With the rise of our domestic products, many brands have not only achieved good results, but even surpassed those international brands, such as Xuangu ginger shampoo, which is very popular recently. I was also planted grass on a variety show. Yuan Yongyi personally recommended this shampoo on the show, which is also her daily use Shampoo, < / P > < p > it is the formula of 0 silicone oil, and also added a lot of ingredients to repair the scalp barrier, which can enhance the toughness of the hair and repair the damaged hair! < / P > < p > I have used it myself for a period of time, which is much better than the shampoo I used before. After washing my hair, my scalp will not itch, and my hair is obviously smooth. Moreover, if I don’t wash my hair for 2 days, my hair is still fluffy and oily! < / P > < p > after using it for about 3 weeks, I was surprised to find that the hair angle on my forehead actually grew small villi, and the contrast between the front and back was also very obvious. The hair visible to the naked eye no longer needs to worry about my hairline! < / P > < p > and in the past, I would grab a lot of hair every time I wash my hair, but now this situation is also reduced, and the hair is less and less. From then on, I can say goodbye to the title of “hair loss girl” ~ < / P > < p > this shampoo not only has good effect, but also has high cost performance. A bottle is only tens of yuan, and a few cups of milk tea money can make you have a beautiful hair, which is very cost-effective < a > href= target=_ blank>08/17/2020