CCTV exposure: the average formaldehyde exceeded 70% in new houses! How to protect children’s health?

In 2016, Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, delivered a speech at the summit forum of “paying attention to the indoor environment of infants and caring for the healthy growth of infants”. In this speech, he mentioned several data related to formaldehyde:

. From this, we can see how much damage decoration pollution does to human health. In particular, infants and young children may spend more than 20 hours a day indoors. Therefore, Zhong Nanshan reminds parents that they must take precautions in time.

Yang Lihua, deputy director of Pediatrics and expert in pediatric hematology of Guangzhou Pearl River Hospital, once mentioned that a little girl she visited was diagnosed with myeloid non lymphocytic leukemia at the age of 4. After carefully inquiring about the child’s medical history and eliminating high-risk factors such as infection and genetics, she found that it was the decoration that caused the disaster.

before the onset of the disease, the family once spent a large sum of money to decorate the house. The family thought that all the materials and paints they used were excellent. Therefore, the release of formaldehyde and benzene was definitely up to the standard. Little did not know, after the comprehensive decoration, the release of harmful substances superimposed together, the result is exceed the standard, and also exceed a huge number. Not only that, because the decoration of some of the more expensive stone reasons, but also a radioactive pollution, finally led to this tragedy.

fortunately, the diagnosis and treatment were timely. After 6 courses of treatment, the little girl’s condition was effectively controlled, and the recovery of her condition is still good.

earlier, CCTV news mentioned the relationship between leukemia and decoration pollution. It is reported that the air quality sampling results of newly decorated houses in China have announced that the average formaldehyde exceeding standard rate of newly decorated houses is 70% ~ 80%!

in terms of the children’s hematological disease areas in charge of Yang Lihua, there are 60 beds in total, which are basically occupied by children with leukemia. When analyzing the causes of these children with leukemia, it is found that more than 60% of children have decoration experience at home.

in addition, Harbin blood tumor research also conducted a survey: more than 1800 blood tumor patients were tracked, and it was found that nearly half of them had decoration or indoor environmental pollution before being diagnosed with leukemia.

and decoration pollution may cause leukemia, mainly because of the materials used, such as plywood, paint, adhesives, foam filling, particleboard and other substances that are harmful to the body, including formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, toluene and so on. Among them, formaldehyde and benzene are the most common and the most harmful, so they attract people’s attention.

in 2011, formaldehyde has been classified into a clear list of human carcinogens, and has been published in.

not only that, but also a number of animal experiments have shown that long-term exposure to excessive formaldehyde can increase the risk of lung cancer and other respiratory system tumors.

in this regard, Professor Xiao Zhijian of Hematology Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences also said: if exposed to formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and other substances for a long time, these substances can migrate into DNA, causing chromosome and gene mutation, thus inducing tumors, especially myeloid leukosis.

but note: the occurrence of leukemia is closely related to the concentration of formaldehyde. Some studies have shown that only high concentration formaldehyde pollution of ≥ 1.0mg/m3 can cause cell mutation and cancer. If it is lower than this level, it will not cause leukemia. PS: the safe range of benzene is 32-80mg / m3, which is beyond the risk of leukemia.

therefore, if we want to prevent leukemia, we must pay attention to the indicators of formaldehyde and benzene, especially in the decoration of the house, we should make some preparations.

the selection of decoration materials is also particular. Try to avoid marble, which is a kind of stone with radioactive substances, in order to prevent leukemia; in addition, some furniture that needs to be bonded with more glue should also pay attention to, because the content of benzene and formaldehyde in this kind of furniture is very easy to exceed the standard; there is also the choice of paint, try to choose lighter water-based paint, the color is gorgeous Color paint less use, so that the high-risk substances can be less.

after decoration, it’s better not to move in immediately. Generally, it takes more than 3 months to move in. During this period, windows should be opened for ventilation, which is very effective for reducing the concentration of harmful substances. If conditions permit, air purification devices can also be used, which is helpful for purifying harmful substances in the air.

before checking in, it is better to check in once to ensure safety.

conclusion: decoration pollution has a great relationship with the occurrence of childhood leukemia, especially formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances exceed the standard. Therefore, before decoration and occupancy, we must do a good job of detection to avoid exceeding the standard.

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