Cerebral blood supply insufficiency, or will appear these symptoms, improve blood vessel blockage, do three things in life

Ma Hui, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Shijiazhuang Eye Hospital, Ma Hui, doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Shijiazhuang Eye Hospital, Ma Hui, master of health, High quality creators < / P > < p > blood starts from the heart, passes through the blood vessels, flows through the human body, and finally returns to the heart, forming a complete blood circulation. However, we have a lot of blood vessels in our body, all over the corners of our body, forming a huge and complex traffic network. It is because of the existence of these blood vessels that the healthy operation of the human body can be ensured. < / P > < p > there is a saying that “all roads lead to Rome”, but can we still get to Rome after the road is broken? If the road is built for a long time in our life, if it is used too much, it will damage the road and seriously affect people’s travel. As the “road” of blood vessels, it will also be damaged and affect the blood circulation. < / P > < p > we know that the human body will produce toxins and garbage due to diet or metabolism. When these toxic wastes are attached to the blood vessels, a little bit of them will block the blood vessels. At this time, the “road” will be broken. When completely poisoned, it will cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, even life-threatening. < / P > < p > the brain is the center of the human body, daily activities are very frequent, and the demand for blood is also very large. When the brain is short of blood supply, the human body will produce some strange behaviors, such as unclear mouth, involuntary salivation in sleep and other problems. This is because the blood pipe blockage leads to insufficient blood supply to the brain, causing the nervous system to be affected Tongue and facial muscles are not under control, which makes the mouth unclear and salivary unconsciously. < / P > < p > when the blood vessels are blocked, the blood circulation of the human body is blocked, and the brain’s blood supply is insufficient, which will cause the dysfunction of the human body, and the vertigo will occur in the affected human body, which is often not long, so many people tend to ignore it. < p > < p > tinnitus is often accompanied by vascular blockage. Due to insufficient blood supply to the auditory nerve, the auditory nerve is affected. At this time, there will be hearing problems and tinnitus. < / P > < p > due to physical problems, this kind of sudden syncope is often produced in women. The temporary ischemic shock of brain tissue caused by ischemia is often suddenly lost in the dark, which is very dangerous. It is often seen in behaviors such as getting up and standing up. These behaviors will cause changes in blood pressure. In addition, they have vascular problems, which are easy to faint. < / P > < p > as a solvent in the blood, drinking more water can effectively dilute the blood, promote blood circulation, and is very effective in alleviating cerebral blood supply insufficiency. In addition, there are many green plants which are very helpful for blood vessels. When drinking water, they can be added to dredge blood vessels, reduce blood lipids and promote blood circulation. < / P > < p > these plants can play a very good role in nourishing blood vessels and preventing blockage, which are mentioned in other medical works. It is recommended to use them to dredge blood vessels and protect vascular health. Click below to get it directly. The reason of insufficient blood supply to the brain is that blood vessels are blocked, blood circulation is blocked, and the brain receives less blood. Exercise can skillfully alleviate these problems. First of all, exercise can speed up blood circulation, so that more blood is flowing to the brain, and exercise can also soften blood vessels, help the human body to discharge toxins and garbage in the blood, consume blood lipids, and prevent blood vessel blockage. < / P > < p > < p > “disease comes from the mouth”. Vascular problems are often closely related to diet. High fat, high cholesterol food and high salt diet are very unfavorable to vascular health. They are easy to cause high blood fat and high blood pressure. They are not good for vascular health. If you want a healthy body, you must learn to eat a balanced diet and learn to supplement green vegetables to balance fat Intake, balance human nutrition. 15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!