Cerebral infarction is dragged out, doctor: the body appears 3 numbness, perhaps it is the precursor of cerebral infarction coming

With the growth of age, people enter 40 years old, they begin to enter the middle-aged state, the body functions also begin to decline, blood vessels will gradually aging, once the arterioles appear porridge sclerosis phenomenon, may cause cerebral vascular blockage, cerebral ischemia, hypoxia necrosis, lead to cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular diseases, cerebral infarction this disease not only occurs in the elderly Now there are many young people joining in, so it is very important to prevent cerebral infarction.

cerebral infarction is caused by the blockage of blood vessels in the brain. After the blockage of blood vessels in the brain, some brain tissues will suffer from ischemia and hypoxia. If the brain cells do not get sufficient nutrients, the brain tissue will soften or become necrotic. At this time, cerebral infarction is formed, and the main reason for the formation of vascular blockage is that the lipid in the blood vessels is too much. Once the human body ingests a large amount of high fat, high sugar and high cholesterol Food is easy to cause high blood lipids, a large number of lipids and cholesterol accumulated in the blood vessels, forming thrombosis, resulting in slower blood flow, but also causing blood vessels gradually become narrow, easy to block, causing cerebral infarction.

there are many reasons for leg numbness. For example, holding a posture for a long time will lead to numbness in the leg, and if the leg is pressed for a long time, it will also cause numbness in the leg. However, these are normal physiological phenomena. However, if leg numbness often occurs in a short period of time, we should be vigilant. This may be caused by blood vessel obstruction, insufficient blood supply in the legs, poor blood circulation and legs Muscle will lack of nutrients and oxygen, prone to numbness.

the finger is far away from the heart, and the blood flow velocity will be relatively slow here. Once the blood vessel is blocked, the reaction of the finger will be obvious. If there is often numbness or pain in a short time, even some patients will have numbness in one arm. This kind of numbness may be relieved within a few minutes, but it often occurs, and many people think that they are tired, Often ignored, but once the body appears this kind of situation, it is necessary to check in time to prevent the occurrence of great danger.

when the blood vessels of the head are blocked, the blood circulation of the brain tissue is not smooth, and the problem of ischemia and hypoxia occurs. Once the brain cells lack the necessary nutrients, the head will have dizziness, headache and numbness. This situation can quickly recover in a short time, but it will occur frequently. With the severity of the vascular blockage, this symptom will also aggravate Many patients with cerebral infarction before the attack will appear this situation, so once it occurs, we must be vigilant, it is best to go to the hospital in time to check out the cerebral infarction problem.

cigarettes contain a large number of nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances. Once they enter the blood vessels, they will aggravate the blood viscosity, accelerate the atherosclerosis of arteries and vessels, and easily induce cerebral infarction. At the same time, drinking for a long time will lead to increased blood pressure, and arterial plaque is easy to fall into the blood under unbalanced pressure to form thrombus. Therefore, smoking and drinking should be minimized in life So as not to affect your health.

when blood lipids rise, the blood in the blood vessels will become sticky and easy to block the blood vessels. Brain doctors suggest that you can supplement some phospholipid acids when drinking water everyday. This is a kind of vascular nutrient extracted from soybean. If you insist on supplement, you can emulsify the fat plaque on the inner wall of blood vessels into tiny droplets, and then excrete them out of the body through human metabolism, Clean up the garbage and lipid accumulation in the blood vessels, so that the blood vessels gradually become clean, increase the blood supply of various organs, blood vessels are unblocked, cerebral infarction and cardio cerebral vessels will no longer come. Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this