Cervical cancer does not necessarily have symptoms in the early stage, but it can be prevented. The four recommendations are followed, and cervical cancer is not cancerous

Cervical cancer is a relatively serious gynecological disease, we must just listen to the name to know. With the continuous popularization of cervical cancer vaccine in recent years, the majority of women pay more and more attention to cervical cancer and cervical diseases. But despite this, there are still many women were found to have cervical cancer, or even found to be late, which is largely related to the early stage of cervical cancer without obvious symptoms.

clinically, compared with many other cancers, cervical cancer is actually a completely preventable and controllable disease. More than 99% of cervical cancer cases have high-risk HPV infection before the occurrence of cervical cancer. And from HPV infection, to the real occurrence of cervical cancer, the period will also be several years. It can be said that there is enough “room” for us to deal with and deal with.

although it is not uncommon to be infected with HPV, the infection of this virus is still a big threat to the cervix. And this virus is mainly transmitted through X behavior, so female friends should clean themselves up, do not have sex with too many men, do not have too complex x behavior, in order to reduce the probability of HPV infection as much as possible.

some big data statistics show that, relatively speaking, women who have prematurely sexual behavior, prematurely married, prematurely pregnant and giving birth to too many times have a significantly higher risk of developing cervical cancer than women without such conditions. Therefore, it is suggested that female friends can be appropriately late married, eugenics, which is not only responsible for the children, but also responsible for their own health, to prevent cervical cancer is also a certain role.

for some female friends who have been infected with HPV, it may seem a bit “outdated” to talk about HPV prevention at this time. But do not be discouraged at this time, HPV infection is not equal to cervical cancer, as long as timely attention to the elimination of the virus, cervical cancer can also be “shut out.”. The elimination of HPV virus depends on the body’s own immunity. Therefore, it is suggested that HPV infected people should not only strictly require themselves to achieve a balanced diet, but also timely supplement the body with nutrients that can improve immunity to strengthen immunity. For example, active polysaccharide, β – carotene, trace element selenium, various minerals, vitamins, etc., you can eat more foods containing these nutrients. Agaricus blazei contains a series of nutrients directly from malt.

Agaricus blazei malt selenium is rich in active polysaccharides, β – carotene and trace element selenium, which can effectively strengthen the systematic activity of human immune cells such as white blood cells, macrophages, T lymphocytes, phagocytes and other immune cells, so as to make them grow rapidly, and then kill the HPV virus invading the body, accelerate the speed of HPV clearance, and prevent cervical lesions.

more than 80% of cervical cancer can be detected early in regular screening. Therefore, female friends, if you are over 21 years old and have X-life experience, it is very necessary to do a HPV + TCT test every three years. It is helpful for us to find virus infection and cervical lesions as soon as possible, and help us to prevent and treat early. After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so