Cervical “killer” found! Reminder: do 3 things to help you relieve dizziness and headache

Now young people work habits are surprisingly consistent, for a long time in the face of computer phones, unconsciously bow back, stretch neck, want to stick to the screen.

it is generally believed that the pathogenesis of cervical spondylosis is due to degenerative changes of the cervical spine and its adjacent tissues. After reaching a certain degree, compression or stimulation will produce a series of comprehensive manifestations, but each has its own emphasis. These tissues are often not single involved.

neck soreness, pain, stiffness, or shoulder discomfort, often aggravated when getting up in the morning, tired, cold, improved after hot compress, massage, and often fall asleep, the lightest type.

this type of cervical spondylosis is mainly due to degenerative changes in the cervical intervertebral disc or hyperosteogeny, which causes the nerve roots nearby to be compressed, resulting in sensory and motor dysfunction of the upper limbs, that is to say, the inconvenience of movement and numbness.

the symptoms were dizziness, blackness in front of the eyes, drowsiness all day, dizziness when twisting the neck, and even sudden fall and unconsciousness.

due to cervical hyperosteogeny and intervertebral disc protrusion oppressing the spinal cord, the neurological function of the limbs is abnormal. It is characterized by walking in a wobbly manner, like a drunk, easy to fall down, clumsy hands and feet, tight lower limbs, and even have difficulty urinating and defecation, and lower limb paralysis, which is a particularly serious type of cervical spondylosis.

over time, the cervical spine will be deformed, and the muscles at the back of the neck will become tense, causing discomfort and even pain in the neck and shoulder, leading to dizziness and headache.

if the weather is too hot, try not to face the air conditioner or fan at the neck and shoulder. If you need to work in the air-conditioned room for a long time, you’d better wear a coat or a gauze towel to avoid cold on the neck.

you can lie back for a while and have a rest; be sure to find a supporting point for the cervical spine, such as padding a rolled up garment or a U-shaped neck pillow behind the neck.

every 25 minutes of sitting, at least 5 minutes of activity. No matter what you do, you can’t sit or watch your cell phone. You can have a class like a student, 45 minutes.

sitting still for a long time, this habit will slowly change the structure of the cervical spine. If it is not so serious, there will be only soreness and loud noise when turning the neck.

the choice of pillows should be of appropriate height and materials, mainly those that are easy to shape and of moderate height. This can promote the blood circulation at the cervical spine, avoid the compression of peripheral nerves, so as to alleviate the discomfort of the neck and improve the quality of sleep.

groove design is recommended, with ear protection design and mild neck support. The left and right sides are thicker, which can automatically adapt to the height of the human body’s side sleep when turning over. Each part of the shape will ensure your ideal sleeping position.

in fact, the human body is most comfortable when sleeping in the same position as standing position, that is to say, the human body needs to have an angle of about 5 degrees during sleep. Therefore, the appropriate height of the pillow is more conducive to the blood circulation of the neck, provide enough oxygen for the brain, wake up more awake, more energetic.

massage the neck properly every day to relieve the cervical vertebra. The operation is more simple. Just press it once, just like a hand with ten fingers crossed at the back of the neck. At the same time, the heating function will automatically turn on. Any muscle ache will be pressed away, and the fatigue of the day will disappear.

it forms a certain pressure on the shoulder and neck muscles. The force is even and comfortable. It can accelerate the blood flow back to the neck. It is as soft and powerful as kneading the neck by hand. According to the different levels of strength designed for the couch top family, from light to heavy, it will not stimulate the fragile neck at once, and slowly relax the aching muscles in the neck, so as to relieve the fatigue of the day.

as soon as I’m busy, I forget to eat and sleep. I work day and night. Promise me to be nice to myself. If you can’t change the life of working overtime, treat yourself well, starting with a massage instrument.

when the cervical spine hurts, you can soak it in hot water with a small square towel, and then screw it dry and apply it on the cervical spine to relieve the pain of cervical spine.

because hot compress can promote the blood circulation of cervical vertebra, heat can also relieve pain and relax cervical nerve. It is a very simple and effective method to relieve cervical pain, but this method can only play a temporary role. Focus