Cervical “protective water” was found, often drink, cervical less sick, HPV also actively away from you

Introduction: if women with cervical lesions, most of them will have these 7 characteristics, accounting for one, but also as soon as possible to check HPV! The pain nerve near the cervix is very few, so we usually find it difficult to find cervical lesions. But if our cervix is injured, it may have pathological changes in light, and it may affect our lives. < / P > < p > in women with cervical lesions, menstruation will also become disordered. Menstrual intervals can become shorter and may occur several times a month. At the same time, some women’s dysmenorrhea may also aggravate. < / P > < p > if you find that the shape of leucorrhea is like rice soup or bean curd residue, and accompanied by a strong odor, it may be because of our cervical problems, we suggest you check HPV in time. This is the most direct and effective method to prevent cervical lesions, and it is also very common. Therefore, female friends are advised to get vaccinated as soon as possible if they have the time and ability. < / P > < p > whether in daily life, or in menstrual period, or after “boudoir affairs”, we should pay high attention to personal hygiene, reduce the probability of bacterial invasion, and effectively prevent cervical lesions. < / P > < p > we should not only pay attention to the health of the uterus to protect the cervix, but also to provide certain nutrition for the uterus to enhance the immunity of the cervix. It is recommended that you try the snack prescription recommended by the old Chinese medicine, and this can also be found in Bian Que’s: add longan, medlar, double rose, chrysanthemum, red dates, dried ginger and other ingredients in warm water, and then boil to boiling, and then turn to medium heat to boil for half an hour. This kind of tea has a good effect on replenishing qi and blood and preventing cervical lesions The principle of food homology is as follows: < / P > < p > the production process of this kind of aunt tea is a little troublesome, and it takes a lot of time to cook each time. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the prepared tea bag. The ingredients are the same, and the effect of replenishing qi and blood and protecting the cervix is also very good. < / P > < p > of these 7 features, even if you have one, you should click on the below ↓ ↓ card to buy. Health is worth paying for. Insist on 21 days and HPV will be far away from you! Conclusion: if women with cervical lesions, most of them will have these 7 characteristics, accounting for one, but also need to check HPV as soon as possible! It is difficult for us to know that the cervix is injured through pain, so we should pay more attention to the abnormality of the body. Cervical “protection water” was found, often drink a cup, cervical less sick, HPV also take the initiative to stay away from you! Information sharing for epilepsy patients