Cesarean section wound is divided into horizontal and vertical, the difference between the two is huge, the wrong choice will only pit themselves

You can have a natural birth, you can have a caesarean section. Now many young people are afraid of the pain of natural childbirth, and they are also worried that Shun can not be brought down, and they will be pulled to have a cesarean section and be punished twice. So many people choose caesarean section.

although it is very easy to have a caesarean section, the process after the operation is no worse than that of natural birth. Postpartum out of bed activities, pressure stomach are cesarean section mother’s nightmare.

Belle has just given birth to her baby for two months. Since she learned that she is pregnant, belle is ready to give birth naturally. Results when Jianhong went to the hospital, she found that the baby’s biparietal diameter was too large, and Belle’s pelvic condition was not ideal. If you want to have a natural birth, the probability of success is not very high.

there was no way to choose a caesarean section for the safety of the baby. Because she was a novice, she didn’t know much about caesarean section. Besides, she thought she could have a natural birth before, and the content she understood was also related to natural birth.

confused, she chose vertical incision. Although she didn’t feel pain during the operation, Bailey couldn’t move after the anesthetic effect ended. Let alone get out of bed the next day and kill belle.

the shadow caused by the pressure on the stomach made Bailey afraid of doctors and nurses. She was envious of Baoma, who had given birth to her baby.

when it comes to the end of the month, Belle discovers another thing that makes her collapse. Cesarean section vertical knife edge can not be covered by clothing, before the navel exposed clothes, short clothes, small sling vest and so on can not be worn.

every time she looks at a 10 cm scar in the mirror, Belle regrets it, but she has no way. If time goes back, Belle will not choose cesarean section, let alone vertical section.

the cutting edge is parallel to the body, which is 3-4cm above the pubis, and the position is relatively lower, which can be covered by clothes.

and the vertical cutting edge is standing on the body from the navel to the pubis, because the knife edge is about 10 cm long. If you want to wear a navel or swimming suit, it will leak out, which will affect the beauty.

the cross cutting wound is relatively shallow. If the baby has no problems and is in a hurry, you can choose to cross cut. If there is a sudden situation, vertical cutting will be carried out to quickly remove the fetus.

it’s not a big problem to have only one baby, but the plan to have a second child is not recommended within two years. If it is a vertical cut, it will recover faster.

whether the baby is in the head position or the buttocks position, it is standing in the mother’s abdomen. If an emergency occurs during the birth process, such as the baby’s lack of oxygen or other syndrome caused by the mother, vertical cutting is needed to quickly remove the fetus.

for the beauty after production, cross cutting can be selected. A cross cut wound is also known as a “bikini wound,” meaning a wound that doesn’t leak out of a bikini. Whether it’s a topless suit or a swimsuit, it’s all right.

six hours after the operation, she needs to lie on her back on her back. Although the wound may be very painful, she is also advised to take more activities and turn over with the help of her family.

because during the operation, anesthetics will stimulate the intestines and stomach, which is prone to flatulence or adhesion. If not much activity is not conducive to exhaust, but also worried about intestinal adhesion, intestinal obstruction and other conditions.

after 24 hours, the catheter needs to be pulled out, and Baoma gets out of bed. On the one hand, it is conducive to postpartum recovery and physical strength, on the other hand, it is also conducive to the recovery of wounds.

in addition to the postoperative uterine contraction needle, there is also a link, which is to press the stomach, which is a method to help discharge lochia. Pressure stomach for experienced Baoma should be the most afraid, in just a little to heal the wound repeatedly press, promote uterine contraction.