Changchun Government “school teachers introduce students to training institutions” and other behaviors

The reporter learned from Changchun Education Bureau on the 13th that Changchun will focus on the management of paid make-up courses for school teachers, including teachers’ participation in paid make-up courses organized by other teachers, parents and parents’ committees, organizing and recommending students to attend paid remedial courses outside school, and recommending relevant information of off-school training institutions and other extracurricular training to students. < p > < p > on December 12, Changchun Municipal Bureau of Education issued a policy to define the scope and content of paid supplementary courses for school teachers. For the school teachers who introduce students to training institutions, Changchun Education Bureau will issue a notice of criticism, cancel their qualifications in award evaluation, promotion, professional title evaluation, post employment, salary promotion, application for talent plan and other aspects, and give them warning, demerit recording, reducing post grade, canceling professional and technical Posts or administrative positions according to the seriousness of the case 。 According to the introduction, Changchun Education Bureau has also set up a special class for governance work, which is responsible for the investigation and inspection of paid supplementary courses in the city, as well as the investigation, verification and handling of reports. The special class of governance will form 10 mobile inspection teams to inspect key areas, schools and objects around the clock. Focus