Chengdu: what are the causes of recurrence after orthodontic treatment?

Before preparing for orthodontics, have you done enough homework, such as: understanding the principle of orthodontic treatment, the completeness of orthodontic treatment, etc. The recurrence of orthodontic treatment is also the most concerned problem of many friends. So, what is the culprit for the recurrence of Orthodontics? How to prevent recurrence?

the principle of orthodontics is to use the mobility of teeth, and the recurrence of orthodontic treatment is also related to this. Although the osteoblasts in the alveolar bone are basically completed after the orthodontic treatment, the memory of the original position of the teeth still exists. If the retainer is not worn in time, the teeth will more or less move closer to the original position. Patients with tooth extraction need to pay more attention to this.

because of the uncoordinated bone mass of teeth, wisdom teeth as the third molar appear the latest, generally in adults. This is more common in adolescent correction. Because the eruption of wisdom teeth is not noticed in time and the retainer is not worn seriously, the force of wisdom tooth eruption can easily cause the teeth to twist.

periodontal health is very important for the whole oral cavity. Periodontal unhealthy, easy to get periodontal disease, cause gingival atrophy, serious will also lead to alveolar bone absorption. And our teeth are rooted in the alveolar bone, the absorption of alveolar bone is equivalent to less soil around the tree, the tree is naturally unhealthy, easy to loose, the tooth is the same truth. If the periodontal condition is not good, and neglect to wear retainer, it is likely to cause tooth position movement.

the wearing of retainer is not calculated in months, but in years; generally, minor correction patients need to wear at least 18 years old, while adult correction patients need to wear it for at least 3-5 years, and some doctors recommend wearing it for life.

the recurrence of orthodontic treatment does not mean that the teeth return to the starting position before orthodontic treatment from the end of treatment; it means that the tooth position will retreat by 5% – 10%.

for patients, individual teeth may be slightly twisted or warped, and doctors may find some small problems during examination. The purpose of wearing retainer is to avoid the recurrence of 5% – 10%.