Child care hot search: hidden safety hazard

Policy, education, parenting, safety, health, Celebrity All kinds of popular parenting information is in the “one week parenting hot search”, you don’t need to brush your microblog every day to know what’s new this week! Come and watch the hot search with the wave flower! < / P > < p > in the process of swimming in the baby parlor, the child broke away from the swimming circle and struggled in the pool for nearly 3 minutes, while the child’s mother was playing with her mobile phone; her mother-in-law took a 2-year-old boy to play near the community and found that the child was missing, so the boy drove alone from Guangxi to Guangdong Let’s see. Recently, in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, a video of “a baby drowning in a swimming pool for 3 minutes without being noticed” attracted attention. In the video, a baby in the baby room swimming process, unattended, body out of the swimming circle, struggling in the pool for nearly 3 minutes. Finally, someone found the baby drowned, rescued it, and launched emergency rescue measures. On November 13, the store manager said that the incident occurred on September 28, when the mother of the child was playing with her mobile phone, and the shop assistant was busy and did not find out in time. The baby was discharged from hospital a week later, and the two sides discussed the compensation. Recently, in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, a 3-minute video of a baby drowning and struggling in a swimming pool attracted attention. Finally, someone found the baby drowned, rescued it, and launched emergency rescue measures, the child was hospitalized for a week and then discharged. On the 13th, the store manager said that the child’s mother was playing with her mobile phone, and the staff were busy and did not find out in time. After the incident, the store paid the medical expenses and apologized to the parents of the children. Parents want to claim 1.5 million in private, but they want to solve it by law. The father of the child said that the problem of money can not be tangled, but he hopes that the store owner can be responsible for the problems in the future. Recently, Yunfu, Guangdong Province. After getting off the bus from Cenxi, Guangxi, to Yunfu, Guangdong Province, Ms. Zeng found that the 2-year-old boy who was traveling with her was riding alone. After calling the police, Ms. Zeng contacted the boy’s mother to collect the child with the help of the police. In addition, according to, Ms. Zeng said that during the ride, both the driver and the passenger mistakenly thought it was the child of the other party. Until they arrived at the destination, they were surprised to find that the child was not brought by the driver or by the passenger. Yu Yu, deputy director of Gaofeng police station of Yuncheng branch of Yunfu City Public Security Bureau, said: “the child was originally brought by his mother-in-law in Guangxi and took it to the neighborhood to play, and then it was found that it was missing. At that time, there were two passengers on the bus, but neither of them knew how he got on the bus. When the car started, he sat in the back row and played < / P > < p > November 10, Yichang, Hubei. The video of a fourth grade girl who got high scores in the exam and banged on the door loudly became popular. The girl’s mother, Ms. Luo, said that every time her child did well in the exam, she would smash the door very loudly. This time, she knew that she had done well again when she heard the sound of knocking on the door. Ms. Luo said that her daughter did well in the exam and felt happy for her daughter. On November 6, a boy was picked up by a teacher and fell to the ground in a kindergarten in Shexian County, Huangshan, Anhui Province. Parents said the child’s finger was injured and was told to be caught in the door when he asked the teacher. The parents checked the monitoring and found out the truth. At present, the kindergarten concerned has issued an apology letter saying that the teacher involved was suspended. On the 14th, the kindergarten issued a notice saying that it apologized to the boy and his family members, and the teacher in question had been suspended for examination. The boy’s father said that they had not received an apology from the other party, and had been threatened by the kindergarten for their children’s future. The boy’s mother was kicked out of the parent group by the kindergarten for making friends, and many parents reported that their children had also been beaten. The kindergarten recently responded that at present, the teacher involved was suspended from duty for inspection, and the children’s family members beat the teacher after the incident. Recently, a teacher in Heze, Shandong Province, witnessed a strange scene while invigilating the examination. The little boy mumbled and scratched on the draft paper with a pen, and then wrote the answer firmly on the test paper. The scratchy handwriting on the side of the paper makes people can’t tell what is written. Netizen: “this posture is like sharpening a knife, sharpening the knife to test paper ~” < / P > < p > the National Health Commission recently issued a notice to determine the first batch of suitable technology pilot projects for myopia prevention and control of children and adolescents in 182 districts and counties in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Hebei. In addition, according to the Ministry of education’s investigation on the changes of primary and secondary school students’ eyesight in nine provinces, autonomous regions and cities during the epidemic period, the incidence of poor eyesight of the investigated students increased from 59.2% to 70.6% in the past six months. < / P > < p > November 17, Xiangyang, Hubei. Liu Jie, a ninth grade student in Zhugeliang middle school, has designed a collision proof intelligent baby carriage. Liu Jie said that the inspiration comes from the people who bow their heads around them. When parents take care of their children, it is very dangerous to release the baby carriage carelessly. The brake pad will fall down automatically before the baby carriage meets the obstacle to prevent accidents. November 18 is Guinness world record day. Red Star News reporter learned from the Guinness world records that after nearly a month’s review, Xiaoyu, a 14-year-old boy from Sichuan, China, was confirmed to be 221.03cm tall. He successfully challenged the Guinness world record title of “the tallest teenager”. He broke the record and became the current record holder. Focus