Children born in the upper belly and daughters in the lower belly? In fact, it has nothing to do with gender. There is another reason for the difference

Mr. Wang is a “daughter slave”. Since his wife is pregnant, he has been saying “how good it would be to have a girl”. After coming back from his hometown, Mr. Wang has been staring at Xiao Li’s stomach, and finally jumped three feet high with joy:

“my wife, our child must be a daughter. People in my hometown say that the upper belly is a man, and the lower belly is a woman. Look at your stomach, it’s just the next one. It’s definitely a daughter.”

after the birth of the child, the doctor came out to report that the baby was a “big fat boy”, which made Mr. Wang look silly. If the wife was not the only one in the delivery room, he really suspected that the doctor was holding the wrong child. Then he hesitated to ask the doctor:

when the doctor heard this, he couldn’t help laughing and crying: “this parent, what age is it now? I think you have a high level of education. How can you still believe these things? It has nothing to do with giving birth to boys and girls. It is mainly affected by the size of the fetus and the constitution of women. ” Hearing this, Mr. Wang didn’t say much about it. He didn’t give birth to boys and girls. His children, sons and daughters all like it.

so since the upper and lower arms have nothing to do with the birth of boys and girls, are there any other differences between them? In fact, there are other reasons for the differences. Pregnant mothers and their families should keep in mind these differences.

the lower abdomen, that is, the lower part of the abdomen bulges, will exert a certain compression effect on the female bladder, urethra, small intestine and other organs. It is also because of this, it is likely to cause women to have frequent urination, constipation and other conditions, which are deeply troubled.

this exercise is best carried out under the guidance of a doctor to avoid danger. In this way, the bladder urine storage capacity will be greatly enhanced, will ease the frequency of urination and other conditions.

as the pregnant mother’s abdomen bulges upward, it will virtually oppress the stomach and large intestine of the human body. These organs belong to the digestive organs of the human body, which will naturally have a certain impact on the digestive system of the pregnant mother, thus affecting women’s appetite and leading to anorexia.

if you don’t want to eat, you must ensure that your body is well nourished. If you really can’t eat, you can use the method of eating less and more meals. Don’t eat so much at a time. It can not only promote absorption, but also help to relieve anorexia.

at this time, pregnant mothers need to consider “medicated supplement”. Under the doctor’s advice, reasonable supplement of vitamins and calcium, as well as other nutrients needed by the body, to ensure adequate nutrition of the body and promote the healthy development of children.

the upper and lower belly have nothing to do with the birth of boys and girls. The main difference lies in the above two points. No matter whether the pregnant mother is pregnant or not, the pregnant mother’s body will be uncomfortable. Therefore, the family should take more care of the pregnant mother and not pay too much attention to the baby’s gender, otherwise, it will give the pregnant mother some psychological pressure, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the fetus and baby.

I hope that pregnant mothers can pay more attention to it and carry out reasonable fetal care. Finally, I hope that every pregnant mother can safely give birth to a healthy and lovely baby, and that every family can be happy and harmonious.