Children in Hohhot kindergarten are exempted from needle eye

On the 30th, the reporter learned from the Education Bureau of the new urban district of Hohhot that the head of the kindergarten was removed from office. Over the past few days, many children in Zhaojun garden of dingqi kindergarten in Hohhot have scabs on different parts of their bodies, which are said to have been pricked by kindergarten teachers with needles and other articles, and their parents have called the police. < p > < p > on the 29th, the New District Public Security Branch of Hohhot Public Security Bureau announced that three teachers of the kindergarten were detained by the police on suspicion of abusing their guardians and caregivers. < p > < p > according to the report of Hohhot New District Education Bureau, the Education Bureau and relevant departments immediately set up an investigation team to investigate the incident in Zhaojun kindergarten, dingqi kindergarten. < / P > < p > the investigation group first interviewed the principal person in charge of the kindergarten, started the accountability procedure, and relieved the kindergarten director from his post. At the same time, psychological experts are employed to go to the children’s homes to provide psychological counseling for the children. In addition, a special rectification group was set up to conduct comprehensive rectification and rectification for kindergartens. < p > < p > the Education Bureau of the new urban area said that it would strengthen supervision and inspection, strengthen the construction of teachers’ ethics and conduct, and seriously investigate and punish all kindergartens and teaching staff who have damaged children’s physical and mental health with a zero tolerance attitude, so as to ensure the healthy growth of children’s body and mind. 08/16/2020