Children rock climbing, trampoline, Latin dance business under the bewitchment of children’s fitness will not hurt themselves

Changsha, September 23 (Xinhua) — a kindergarten girl sprained her ankle when she danced Latin dance on high-heeled shoes; a 4-year-old child who was playing trampoline broke her elbow joint According to the survey, many training institutions have set up children’s Latin dance training classes and children’s trampoline classes. Some parents are flocking to them, and the trend of younger practitioners is obvious. Experts said: Children’s movement “adult” is not desirable, must not be encouraged by the seedlings. Some parents’ unrealistic choices may lead to a family tragedy of lifelong regret. Recently, Bao Yi, an orthopedic doctor in the first people’s Hospital of Yunnan Province, met a child who worried him. 4-year-old Beibei fell from a high place while playing trampoline, and his elbow was seriously fractured when he landed on the ground. The crying child was sent to the hospital for emergency surgery. “The child’s elbow joint injury is serious, I’m afraid it will be difficult to return to normal in the future, so parents beat their chest and feet and regret it.” Bao Yi said. A private kindergarten in Changsha has hired a trampoline training teacher to teach children. When the reporter asked whether to ensure the safety of children, the teacher said “absolutely safe.”. < / P > < p > “no one can guarantee that it is absolutely safe for preschool children to learn trampoline. In clinical practice, we encounter more and more children with physical injury due to trampoline exercise, which needs to be paid attention to. ” Changsha Nanhu hospital spinal surgery chief physician Huang Qingming said. Tao Cheng, an orthopedic doctor at Xiangya Second Hospital of Central South University, said that children’s bones are softer than adults and are more likely to fracture and deform. Children’s choice of sports should not be “adult”, while the Latin dance of Cha Cha, cowboy and Samba has a large amount of exercise, fast rhythm and many changes of movements. Children may be injured if they are not careful. When dancing Latin dance, girls must wear high-heeled shoes, which is not conducive to the growth and development of children’s bones. In addition, trampoline is attractive to many children, but it has great safety risks. Blind participation in trampoline training can easily lead to elbow and ankle injuries. Children under 10 years old are not recommended to choose. Experts say that children’s physical function is not mature, and they can’t exercise too hard, intense and long time like adults. In the case of limitations in their own physical conditions, low level of coaches and inadequate protective measures, children engaged in “adult” sports are likely to lead to the injury of children’s joints and ligaments, resulting in bone growth and development deformity. The length of adult limbs is different, affecting the shape and activity of joints and limbs. < / P > < p > experts also remind that children’s self-protection awareness is not strong, and their balance and control ability are limited. When they participate in rock climbing and other sports with certain risk factors, once they fall from high altitude, it is easy to cause joint ligament damage. If the spine and spinal cord are injured, it will lead to high paraplegia and even whole body paralysis. “< / P > < p >” children rock climbing to learn about, can fly on the eaves of the kind of wall “,” Latin dance from the doll, give you the most temperament lady “,” trampoline sports for children’s six big benefits you can’t know ” < / P > < p > the reporter found that all kinds of children’s rock climbing, trampoline and Latin dance training advertisements spread all over the network platform, and the recommendation words are very eye-catching, which can stimulate the desire of parents who are “looking forward to success”. < p > < p > every weekend, children’s rock climbing project in Joy City Mall in Kunming is very popular with parents and children. It costs 38 yuan to climb a height of 16 meters. Even children without professional guidance and training can also participate. Wang, a parent surnamed Wang, who was watching their children climb rock next to him, said: “it’s very dangerous for a child to climb that high for the first time, if you don’t do a good job of safety protection. I also observed for a long time, checked the climbing rope, children’s safety belt, climbing shoes and other facilities, and then decided to let the children have a try, and the businessmen also said that climbing can temper children’s courage. ” < / P > < p > the reporter noted that the business guarantee to parents is that the coach will “one-on-one” care for the children until the children reach the summit and land safely. But the actual situation is that there are so many children that the coach can’t take care of it. Some children don’t know how to descend after climbing to the top. They hold the rock point with both hands and begin to cry. At this time, a coach climbs to the top and helps the child land. < / P > < p > “I’m afraid now. I shouldn’t be so impulsive. My child is on the top. I don’t know how to get down. I’m worried about it. Businesses can’t ignore security in order to make money. ” Wang said. According to sports experts, if children play indoor rock climbing, the safety is guaranteed with the help of one-on-one coach. However, if the children do not do preparation activities and the coach does not explain the precautions, then children are easily injured in climbing. In addition, although there are protectors on the ground to adjust the rope to help the child land after climbing, if the rope is too close to the climbing wall, the child may also be in danger. < p > < p > the reporter found that some children’s training institutions and private kindergartens have grasped the psychology of some parents, such as keeping up with the Joneses, chasing the trend and even showing off their wealth, seeking novelty and following the crowd. They used some novel “gimmicks” to attract parents, and set up interest classes for various “adult” sports under the banner of “quality education”, “noble cultivation” and “high-end atmosphere”. Once their children participate in training, some parents like to display pictures of their children participating in Latin dance competitions, trampoline interest classes and rock climbing on various online social platforms such as “circle of friends”, so as to satisfy their ostentatious “selfishness”, but they never consider whether these sports are really suitable for children. Bao Yi said that the prevention of adult sports for children mainly refers to the amateur sports training of most children, rather than the training of professional or professional athletes. Children’s physical training must be based on the children’s physiological, psychological characteristics, hobbies and project characteristics, formulate training indicators, choose training methods, take training means and measures, and scientifically arrange sports. < p > < p > some orthopedic doctors pointed out that in recent years, the number of children with sports injury caused by excessive exercise has increased, which has indeed sounded the safety alarm of children’s sports. If most children do not develop to professional athletes, they should master the frequency and degree of exercise, and formulate different training methods according to the growth period of children, so that the body can develop in an all-round and balanced way. Bao Yi said that in order to choose sports for children, in addition to interest, safety, children’s tolerance and growth law should be considered. If you do some adult sports too early, it is not conducive to the normal growth and development of the body, and has adverse effects on the development of joints and bones. Experts say that the main purpose of physical exercise is to keep fit, and children should carry out common sports that are in line with their age. Wang Hongtao, a rehabilitation therapist in the Department of joint and sports medicine of Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital, suggested that for primary school students and kindergarten children, some sports should be selected to enhance their sense of balance and sensitivity, such as rope skipping, sit ups, throwing balls, kicking balls, throwing sandbags, and body-building exercises. It is not appropriate to carry out weight-bearing training such as weight lifting, nor Latin dance, trampoline and rock climbing And other adult sports. It should be noted that children must pay attention to warm-up and exercise protection before sports, so as to avoid sports injury. < / P > < p > “the principle of children’s sports should be safety, health and happiness.” Zhou Xuhui, director of the Department of psychiatry of Hunan Brain Hospital, believes that parents should adjust their mentality, avoid projecting their wishes on their children, and do not regard their children as “tools” to prove their own success; nor can they encourage them to choose sports that are not suitable for them. They should observe children’s hobbies, help them find interests and choose projects according to their own characteristics. 20