China Youth Daily: it is necessary to clarify the responsibility boundary of home and school to prevent the change of parents

parents become parents’ burden, but it is no longer a new topic. Some teachers have parents make complaints about homework and tutor their children’s homework. < / P > < p > the purpose of the establishment of the parent group was to communicate the relationship between home and school, but now it has changed its taste and become a notice group for some teachers to assign homework, ask parents to correct homework, and even require parents to go to school to clean up. Some parents turn on the mode of praise and gratitude, and flatter their teachers. Some parents even appear to compete for favors, show off their wealth, quarrel and abuse. < / P > < p > parents all have jobs. When they come home after a busy day, they still have to keep an eye on the parents’ group to see the assignments and other notices given by the teachers. Then they enter the guidance and correction mode. They usually go to bed late and go to work the next day. In this way, can parents have no opinions? In the long run, it not only leads to complaints from parents, leading to tension between teachers and parents, but also is not conducive to the cultivation of children’s good learning habits. In addition, the educational level of parents is uneven. Some parents can’t tutor their children’s homework at all. If such parents check and correct homework, it is very likely to mislead the children, and the gain is not worth the loss. What’s more, parents will devote all their energy to homework and correcting homework, and their family atmosphere will be completely concentrated on homework and learning, while other aspects such as life education, habit development education, quality education and the most important parent-child and family interaction will not be taken into account. In the process of tutoring and correcting homework, parents and children will inevitably encounter collisions, friction and serious damage Family harmony. As a matter of fact, school teachers are not unaware of the drawbacks of the parent group. Moreover, when teachers send notices to parents to urge them to do this and that, teachers themselves are not easy-minded, and even look at the screen to check the completion status on holidays. If so, why set up a parent group? On the one hand, it is caused by the psychology of “following the trend”, on the other hand, it is to improve students’ scores and get a good place through the supervision of parents. At present, some schools still have the excellent rate, average score and passing rate accurate to two decimal places, so the pressure of teachers can be imagined. However, no matter what the reason, the teacher’s responsibility should not be transferred to the parents, and parents should not be allowed to take the responsibility of assigning and correcting homework. Teachers belong to teachers, while parents belong to parents. We should not confuse the responsibilities and tasks of both sides. We must clarify the boundaries of responsibilities of both sides. In other words, the responsibility of teaching should be borne by teachers, and the responsibility of educating people can be shared by teachers and parents. And other behaviors, such as cleaning the classroom and praising teachers in the group, should also be avoided. On the one hand, the relevant departments should have specific requirements for this. In fact, the education department has also issued regulations in this respect. In June last year, it was clearly proposed that students’ homework should not be turned into parent’s homework, or parents should be required to check and correct homework, and no punitive homework should be arranged. There are also suggestions in some places. On the other hand, each parent group should also have its own “group rules”, which must conform to the relevant spirit of the education department. Parents and teachers should supervise each other and try to avoid violating group rules. Of course, the most important thing is to implement the regulations. From the reality of the local situation, although there are provisions of the education department, but the implementation is not good. This requires the introduction of detailed rules of punishment. Educators who go against the wind and go up against the wind should be punished, or all kinds of parent groups should be abolished. Before, there was no parent group, so the education and teaching work went smoothly as usual. We can’t let the pressure of parents become a burden. 08/16/2020