China’s anti epidemic medical expert group went to Africa to work and share China’s anti epidemic experience

On September 26, the Chinese anti epidemic medical expert group, established by Tongji Hospital of Huazhong University of science and technology, went to Lesotho and Angola. Chinese experts will share and exchange experience with local medical institutions and experts, introduce the anti epidemic experience of China and Hubei, and provide guidance and consultation for foreign case screening and tracking, infectious disease prevention and control, case management, clinical diagnosis and treatment, community health management and laboratory work in combination with foreign anti epidemic measures and diagnosis and treatment process. Chinese experts will also provide training and guidance for foreign medical personnel, public health personnel, laboratory personnel and community prevention and control personnel, and assist foreign parties in assessing the overall situation of the epidemic.

the expert group was established by Hubei Provincial Health Committee, with a total of about 10 people. Tongji Hospital selected 7 experts, including experts in respiratory, infection, severe, nosocomial infection, laboratory testing and nursing. Focus