China’s epidemic situation will usher in three major examinations, and it will be a success to pass through

Cold chain is a kind of supply chain system in which the products are in low temperature environment in the process of product processing, storage, transportation, distribution, retail and use. It is usually used in food, biological products and drugs.

according to the test, some human coronaviruses can survive for two years at minus 20 ℃, and the Middle East respiratory syndrome virus can survive for 72 hours at 4 ℃.

new coronavirus belongs to one of human coronaviruses, which can survive longer in low temperature environment. Therefore, cold chain has become a high-risk environment for virus collection. In addition, the environment for fresh food sales is mostly humid, which also provides good conditions for the survival of new coronavirus.

and the intermediate host has not been clearly defined. The pathway from animal to human has not been cut off, and there is still the possibility of re entering human society through this way, which is undoubtedly another pressure of internal defense rebound.

on July 14, China began to resume cross provincial team tourism and air ticket + hotel business, which will undoubtedly increase the burden of epidemic prevention in various regions.

novel coronavirus pneumonia is a major population movement. If a place is accidentally imported, the population flow will greatly increase the risk of the spread of the new crown pneumonia and lead to a lot of bounce.

the National Day golden week is another peak tourist season. In 2019, it will receive 782 million tourists. Even if the number does not increase this year, it is also a great pressure.

therefore, how to effectively control the risk of epidemic rebound caused by the increase in the flow of people will be a problem that needs to be solved all over the country. Take Zhejiang Province as an example:

comprehensively implemented the ticket booking system in the province, and adjusted the maximum carrying capacity of tourist attractions from 30% to 30% 50%, guide tourists to enter the park at intervals, stagger peak travel, strengthen the monitoring of the number of tourists in the scenic area and the source areas, and strictly implement the normalization measures for epidemic prevention and control.

in order to effectively prevent hidden dangers, we will not accept tour groups from medium and high-risk areas, and will not organize inter provincial travel groups to medium and high-risk areas.

for all passengers, personal protection must be done when they go to places with many people. They should wear masks and wash their hands frequently. They should try to avoid the crowd. We hope that everyone can enjoy the scenery and have a safe view.

from the end of August to September, colleges and universities will also open schools one after another. Students will go to schools from all over the country. In addition, both classrooms and dormitories are densely populated places. Once an epidemic occurs, a large number of students may be quickly infected.

it can be said that the Spring Festival is the largest population migration in human history, and winter is the most likely outbreak point of the epidemic. The combination of the two can be said to be the biggest test faced by epidemic prevention measures.

if it goes well, the vaccine should have been on the market by then, but the production must be limited and it is impossible to popularize it so quickly. Therefore, more and more scientific measures are needed to reduce the risk.

from the first anti epidemic country to the first country under complete control, we have experienced all kinds of pressures brought by the new coronavirus and paid a heavy price. We hope that everything will be smooth and peaceful in the future. Focus