China’s Superstitious modern belief is officially launched.

January 2021, Editions de Parfums Fr d d ric Malle Fu Maar perfume press and the fashion master Alber Elbaz cooperation fragrance first landed in China market. It is the masterpiece of Dominique ropion, a master of high concentration balance, which aims to embody the spirit of Haute Couture represented by fashion master Alber elbaz. Fragrance lovers and tasters from Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou can go to offline boutiques to enjoy the elegant demeanor of “Gaoding fragrance”.

“I asked Fr d d ric Malle, is it possible to create a perfume that truly embodies the essence of fashion. A tuxedo perfume. So I hope people can jump out of their original ideas and come here not to watch fashion, but to feel the taste of fashion. ” < / P > < p > Mr. fr é D é ric Malle and Mr. Alber elbaz, like two different tracks on the same axis, are equally matched and go hand in hand, making them shine in the fashion and fragrance circles. The luxury industry began to hear the names and legends of these two people, about how to maximize their strengths and achieve great success in their respective fields.

if Fr perfume D ric Malle is a perfume Publishing House created by Mr. Fu Mar, making fragrance art become the center of people’s topic, then the leading Alber Elbaz in fashion industry is the high fashion spirit representative who creates the brilliant legend of the fashion industry. < / P > < p > so when Alber elbaz asked Mr. fr é D é ric Malle if he could design a fragrance like high-end fashion, such as the taste of the dress worn by the people you love, the theme was about the belief in everyone’s heart, and Mr. fr é D é ric Malle was also interested in it. They hit it off, and for the first time, they broke the rule and made public the much anticipated cooperation information before the release of their works.

is the twenty-fourth perfume introduced by the Fu Mar perfume press. It is a strong alliance between two masters. It is also a commemoration of the deep friendship between the two people. It is the crystallization of love and admiration.

“I think the idea of fashion design is just like the idea of perfume creation. Only when it is put on people, can it be known whether it is good or bad. It must be natural and integrated when it is worn on a person’s body, rather than judging by whether it is on camera or not. ” < / P > < p > Fashion and fragrance are different forms of expression of great artistic spirit, one is triggered by smell, the other is stimulated by vision. They have a wonderful natural commonality: they can be integrated with your skin. Only when they are “worn” can they really feel its charm. As you move, they will make the people who wear them full of confidence and strength. < / P > < p > Mr. fr é D é ric Malle once described Alber elbaz’s fashion works as “invisible architecture”, with smooth and powerful lines perfectly integrated with human body, and every woman can find a suitable outline in his design. Alber elbaz’s achievements are largely due to his own belief: he always looks at women with respect and appreciation, and refuses to let women become victims of design concepts. The haute couture designed by Alber elbaz has never been a photo prop that is hard to put on the shelf. Instead, it enlarges the advantages of women and has strong practicality, making every woman who wears it more confident and powerful. < / P > < p > this coincides with Mr. fr é D é ric Malle’s creative philosophy: dedicated to the expression of the unique personality of people wearing incense. Every fragrance of the fragrance produced by the Fu Mar perfume press become an independent school with a unique personality and charm. Mr. fr é D é ric Malle’s olfactory journey enables everyone to find the fragrance of their own personality. When the breath of the skin is integrated with the fragrance, the fragrance will also become an indispensable part of the user’s personality to help them express themselves. The creation of < / P > < p > is a century exchange between the fashion industry and the fragrance industry, and a dialogue between great art forms. Its birth confirms the consensus between the two industry leaders: fragrance can be an invisible and shocking high-end Chinese clothing, and fashion can also be a formal and touchable extreme fragrance. < / P > < p > just as Alber elbaz is good at drawing inspiration from classical philosophy and aesthetics to create a practical style with modern feeling. Mr. fr é D é ric Malle’s works also reflect the re writing of classical themes under the guidance of contemporary aesthetics and modern technology. The common idea of “the beauty of the collision between classic and modern” has also become the keynote of creative creation. Mr.

Fr d e ric Malle, Mr. Fu Mar, has been appointed as the high concentration balance master of the works of the Fu Mar perfume press, such as the general accurate Dominique Ropion of architect, who has become a bold practitioner of this inspiration. In his creation, Dominique ropion adopts the classic structure of aldehydes fragrance, that is, the classic combination of aldehydes fragrance, rose and jasmine, and is committed to creating a masterpiece with the flavor of the times, depicting the meaningful taste of both classic and modern on high-end fashion dresses. < / P > < p > Dominique ropion’s choice of aldehydes is not accidental, but the result of careful consideration of the theme: aldehydes, as a kind of synthetic perfume, is the product of the vigorous development of the chemical industry in the last century, which initially gives more creative possibilities to the perfumery, and the fragrance with aldehydes theme has also spread to this day, becoming a classic across the century. Under Dominique ropion’s reinterpretation of the structure of classic aldehyde fragrance and flower fragrance, it is not a retro work that does not belong to the present, but a modern work full of contemporary flavor. < / P > < p > in China, the classic and modern aldehydes play the role of the high-class fabrics needed to create a high-end fashion: smooth texture and extremely clean. The petals of Turkish rose and Egyptian jasmine, which represent the eternal elegance, spread all over the dress skirt and are fragrant. The amber texture adds a warm base color to the soapy aldehyde fragrance. The addition of Pogostemon indonescens and vetiver from Haiti makes it rich but reserved, with a moving luster like silk. The perfume appearance of

is different from the normal works of Fu Mar perfume press. The bottle is designed with all black design to pay tribute to Paris high fashion. On the other hand, a golden devil’s eye symbol painted by Alber elbaz is embellished on the bottle, and the words “superstitious” printed on the back expresses the eternal protection of Gaoding’s spiritual pursuit. Wearing this fragrance means wearing the high-end fashion dress which represents the eternal elegance. It has natural magnificence without rendering, showing the unique charm of the wearer. It is flexible and unrestrained. Focus