Chinese media: Italy’s epidemic situation falls sharply, employment rate affects newborn birth rate

Italy’s labor market employment rate has hit a record low since the European debt crisis and has fallen to the penultimate of the EU Member States, after Greece, according to the report of the Italian European network, on November 24, local time, the director of Italy’s National Bureau of statistics, brangardo, said at the hearing of the national Senate Budget Committee that the new crown epidemic is seriously damaging employment in the labor market La. According to reports, as of the second quarter of this year, the number of employees laid off by enterprises across the country has reached 809000, including about 323000 long-term contract employees. Compared with that in 2019, the employment rate of professional women has dropped to 48.4%, and that of men has dropped to 66.6%. Blangardo said that in the new epidemic crisis, the labor market employment situation in southern China was the most negative. The epidemic situation, especially for working women, the most vulnerable young groups in the labor market and foreign immigrants, as well as the less protected workers, are the most affected. In the second quarter of this year, compared with the same period last year, the number of female employees in the service industry has reached about 470000. In the third and fourth quarters, the trend of enterprise layoffs has slowed down. In the second quarter of this year, the number of employees in domestic and foreign trade enterprises was about 191000, with a reduction rate of 5.8%; the number of employees in hotels and restaurants was about 246000, with a reduction rate of 16.1%; the number of employees in the family service industry was about 125000, The reduction rate was 16.7%. Due to the large number of informal employees in the family service industry, the affected groups are mainly foreign immigrants and women. In the labor market employment crisis caused by the new crown epidemic, the most affected employees are waiters, bartenders, chefs, salesmen, housekeeping and nursing staff. In addition, in the emerging industries, computer programmers, electronic workers, also become the labor market more affected groups. Blangardo pointed out that with the continuous decline of the labor market employment rate, the quality of life of families will be further affected, and the birth rate of social newborn will be impacted. In 2019, Italy registered residence of 420 thousand new births, a record low birth rate in 150 years. According to the data analysis and prediction of newborns and pregnant women held by the National Bureau of statistics, the epidemic crisis will force the social birth rate to continue to decline in the next few years. It is estimated that the total number of newborns will drop to 408000 in 2020 and 393000 in 2021. In response to the continuous decline of social employment rate, Italian Prime Minister Conte said on the 24th that, from a social point of view, while strengthening the prevention and control of the epidemic, the government must actively promote the reform of the employment environment in the labor market to provide more jobs for the society, so that all working age workers, especially women and young people, have the opportunity to enter the labor market. Focus