Chinese medicine reminds: drink it before going to bed, you can sleep until dawn at night, and return your “baby like” sleep

Some people, before going to sleep, do a little mental thinking, will insomnia, and some people, when awake, will be confused to sleep. Most of the reason is to think too much, the heart is too chaotic, so insomnia people even have no chance to dream.

insomnia is not a new topic for everyone, is it? Both adults and children, men and women, old and young, will experience more or less insomnia. Do you wake up suddenly at two or three o’clock in the morning, and then you can’t sleep any more? Then follow my steps to understand insomnia!

if there is a major event in life, it will lead to emotional excitement and restlessness, which will greatly reduce the quality of sleep.

no matter age, gender, hunger, fatigue and other physiological factors are also the inducing factors of insomnia. In addition, diseases like indigestion, headache, arthritis and heart disease can also lead to poor sleep quality.

a good sleeping environment will determine the length and quality of your sleep. For example, noisy environment, bright light environment, noisy environment may affect sleep.

many people like to drink tea, coffee or even smoke and drink before going to bed. Many people will eat and drink a lot before going to bed, have irregular sleeping time, stay up late to work, etc., which will disturb the normal work and rest time to a certain extent and cause insomnia.

1. The precursor of insomnia is that you can’t fall asleep immediately after lying in bed, or listen to music, or read books, or play mobile phones to hypnotize, but it still has no effect;

4. The total sleep time is less than 6 hours, and after waking up, there is a serious sense of getting up, and it is easy to produce irritability, even low mood, no matter what you do, you can’t calm down.

take sour jujube seed, lily, mulberry, medlar, Poria cocos, lotus seed, chrysanthemum and dandelion, 3 g each, and add boiling water for brewing. Drink 1 cup before going to bed every day. Sleep until dawn, and the effect is good.

conclusion: research shows that in groups prone to frequent insomnia, the elderly and women suffer from chronic insomnia, and most insomnia is caused by great pressure. Insomnia at night and sleepiness during the day. Is this a poor and decadent life you want to have? What are you still hesitating about? Get up and sleep till dawn. 08/16/2020