Chongqing pregnant woman left home for more than 50 days

In response to the incident that a pregnant woman in Chongqing has been missing for more than 50 days since she left home in September, August 12, the surging news learned from Furong police station of Wulong District Public Security Bureau that the above pregnant woman, Ms. Xiao, has been found and the party is safe. The above-mentioned staff said that it was inconvenient to disclose more information, “the case has not been completed, and the specific circumstances shall prevail.”.

Xiao’s husband, Mr. Chen, said his wife had been found in Zhejiang Province on the afternoon of the 12th, and he was unable to talk to her family because she didn’t want to contact her family, the Xiaoxiang Morning Post reported.

the surging News reported earlier that Ms. Xiao’s family had announced that the pregnant woman, Ms. Xiao, left home in the early morning of June 17. After that, she took a taxi to the Jiangkou turntable and stayed at the Jiangkou farmers’ market and disappeared. Family members said that Ms. Xiao was pregnant for more than 9 months and was ready to give birth immediately. She had prenatal depression.