Choose facial cleanser to see the skin, not the more expensive the better! 3 kinds of domestic facial cleanser, easy to use and not expensive

As the first step of skin care, we must pay attention to the selection of facial cleanser. Once the skin care effect is well done, the skin problems will follow. So we should all know the importance of cleaning skin.

the basic requirement of facial cleanser is that it has good cleaning power, but does not damage the skin, and gently cleans the face skin. A good facial cleanser will not over clean the skin moisture, after washing should not feel tight, also won’t feel slippery not washed clean, if you feel that the cleaning force is too large, not suitable for your skin.

oily skin because the skin secretes more oil than ordinary people, it is necessary to choose some products with strong cleaning ability. You usually need to choose some soap cleanser.

this kind of skin is the easiest to care for. Generally choose some foam cleansing cream. For example, dove facial cleanser is very suitable, because it feels moist after washing, not tight.

of course, if you feel the skin is dry in autumn and winter, you can also use some non foam facial cleanser. Because now some of the foam free facial cleanser is not as difficult to rinse as before.

the cuticle layer of sensitive fairies is very thin, and it is easy to have red blood and itching. If the external stimulation is large, it will cause skin swelling and discomfort. Therefore, facial cleanser should choose mild ingredients that do not stimulate the skin.

it will not take away the oil from the skin. The oil on the skin surface is also a barrier to protect the skin. At the same time, the facial cleanser should not contain alcohol pigment, otherwise the skin may have allergic reaction. Focus