Clean zero makeup, oil, dirt, wisdom Cleanser

Smart technology expert Augustinus Bader Germany Augustin brand introduced the AB family’s new product, Germany AB blue diamond Qingyan curd, to open up the traditional wisdom of cleansing experience. Professor Bard’s cutting-edge soul technology tfc8, which has been intensively researched by Professor bard for 30 years, has become popular in the world’s skin care industry. Three star products, AB blue diamond bottle and ab blue body cream, have been honored as 21 global Beauty Awards in the past 21 months. The effect of AB smart skin care has caused a sensation among European and American stars, famous models and celebrities, and also made global consumers exclaim. All ab loyal consumers are looking forward to ab’s new products Go public!

in August 2020, the brand-new AB blue diamond beauty clearing curd was launched, which fully meets the demands of AB fans for intelligent facial cleaning technology. A clean face is the wish of all. Skin is smooth, delicate, and the most important factor is cleaning. Our skin will suffer from multiple pressures every day, such as air pollution, urban exhaust gas and free radical erosion, which will speed up the darkening, aging and roughness of the skin; women’s meticulously painted makeup will also accelerate the absorption of air dust and dirt invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, it is very important to learn “wisdom cleansing” every day! How to let the tired skin under pressure for a whole day, quickly restore the net energy? AB Blue Diamond Clear cream is equipped with brand exclusive patent technology tfc8? To wake up lazy skin cells, promote metabolism from the inside to the outside, speed up breathing and removing turbidity; the natural plant extract composed of rose water, cucumber extract and aloe juice extract can repair and relieve tired muscles, and the mild and soft texture of curd can effectively absorb and remove dirt, dust and light makeup residues on the face, and discharge deep toxins, Without damaging the cutin barrier, the skin will be conditioned to the best health condition. After use, the skin is even and flawless, transparent and moist, and releases a healthy luster. In the follow-up, with the German AB blue diamond bottle for routine skin care, the absorption effect is doubled.

“is different from the traditional cleansing face on the market. AB blue diamond cream is not only washed away after cleaning. When the dirt is washed away, the nutrients contained in the product will continue to function on the skin, and transmit the TFC8” smart intelligence age signal “to the skin cell layer. It innovates the natural plant extract formula, comprehensively adjusts the balance of water and oil, strengthens the natural barrier, and brings the freshly gloss visible to the naked eye. At the same time, it strengthens the absorbability and age of the German AB products.

German AB blue diamond beauty clearing curd adopts German AB brand breakthrough wisdom patent technology “cell trigger factor tfc8 + +” and natural plant extract team composed of organic rose water, cucumber extract, aloe juice, etc. it can join forces to remove turbidity inside and outside, and make the skin enjoy the luxury and transparent experience of high efficiency and clean face.

cell trigger factor tfc8: a natural complex composed of natural amino acids, high-quality vitamins and various nutrients needed by the skin. It simulates the rejuvenation information between human cells, exerts the guiding effect of “military instructor”, wakes up tired cells, strengthens metabolic energy, and creates the best rejuvenating environment for skin circulation. Miraculous repair is caused by age, pressure and environment The skin will be young, full, smooth and bright.

organic rose water: it has the effect of purifying the face and astringent the pores; it can strengthen the cuticle barrier to resist the invasion of free radicals; it can lighten the fine lines and wrinkles, smooth the texture, and make the skin bloom with even luster.

cucumber extract: rich in protein, vitamin C, minerals and other nutrients, improve the skin’s ability to lock water and moisturize; calm and anti-inflammatory, astringent and tender skin; relieve skin pressure, moisturize and nourish skin.

aloe juice: rich in polysaccharides, it can provide powerful moisturizing and stable soothing effects, delay aging; regulate water and oil, reshape the barrier, and protect the skin from environmental damage.

German AB Blue Diamond Clear cream can be used for daily cleansing for a long time. It is suitable for all kinds of skin types, such as mature skin, young skin, dry skin, oil mixed skin and sensitive skin. It will be used for routine skin care with German AB Blue Diamond bottle to improve the absorption effect. At the same time of calming and soothing the skin, it can gently remove the dirt such as grease and light makeup, tighten pores, lighten acne marks, strengthen the barrier, resist the invasion of free radicals and the environment, improve the skin quality, and make the skin bloom with moisture, elasticity and bright health.

for the first step of skin care, apply appropriate amount on the wet skin, gently massage in circles, strengthen the massage purification at the nose wing and mouth corner, then rinse thoroughly with warm water, and then carry out routine skin care with German AB blue diamond bottle. Natural and mild formula, suitable for all skin types.

AB brand in Germany is rewriting the redness, wrinkles, UV damage, elasticity, texture and dryness of each user’s skin, reversing the muscle age seen. Join the AB energy officer, subvert technology and wisdom.