Clearly only 20 years old, white hair began to appear quietly, how to prevent and control white hair?

However, in real life, there are many people who are only in their 20s, but their white hair begins to appear quietly. Is this a sign of premature aging?

we should know that the reason why the hair appears black is mainly related to the true melanin it contains. Any problem in the production of melanin will lead to the appearance of white hair.

it has been found in clinical studies that long-term stress and abnormal mental state will lead to stress response and DNA damage in the body, which will not only lead to aging, but also hinder the normal production of melanin and affect the gene controlling hair pigment. This is why people in the huge blow, will suddenly appear white hair reason!

therefore, we should keep an optimistic attitude and learn to release inner pressure. For example, regular holidays and other ways of diverting attention are conducive to emotional stability.

smoking is also a major factor in the early development of Chinese hair. An experiment was conducted on 600 smokers over the age of 30. The experimental conclusion shows that the probability of people who smoke for a long time is more than four times that of non-smokers.

as mentioned above, malnutrition is one of the factors inducing early white hair. Scientific research also shows that vitamins have certain effects on pigment formation and metabolism.

if the body is seriously lack of vitamins, white hair will appear. In addition, some studies have confirmed that the lack of certain elements in the body, such as copper, iron, etc., can also lead to hair whitening;

and these nutrients can be obtained from food, so we should balance the nutrition of three meals a day at ordinary times. We can choose more foods containing vitamins, such as coarse grains, bean products, vegetables and fruits, so as to fully absorb the nutrients that produce melanin 。

people spend nearly one third of their life in sleep. Good sleep is good for health. Long term lack of sleep and staying up late will not only reduce the body’s immunity, but also affect the nervous system and blood circulation, and even induce organic diseases, premature aging and other problems, leading to early white hair.

on the contrary, keeping enough sleep can not only make the brain rest, but also relax the nervous system. Scalp can get sufficient blood nourishment, thus play a role in the prevention and treatment of early white hair.

at ordinary times, we can stick to rubbing and pressing the scalp with the fingers of five fingers after getting up in the morning and before going to bed, lasting for 5-10 minutes each time. This can not only prevent white hair, but also improve hair loss.

one thing we need to remind you is that the appearance of white hair is not only related to premature aging, bad life and eating habits, but also a signal of disease. For example, endocrine diseases, vitiligo, some infectious diseases, local focal inflammation, etc., may cause the appearance of white hair. Therefore, it should be combined with the actual situation of the individual, timely medical examination.