Coax the baby to sleep, these four mistakes distinguish easily, especially novice parents should know in advance

Nowadays, people’s living conditions are good, and the requirements for all aspects of life are high. For each newly married family, giving birth to a baby is a top priority. < / P > < p > from the check-up of both husband and wife, and then to the tedious pregnancy examination during pregnancy, the anxiety and worry during waiting for the results of the examination, coupled with the various discomfort of the pregnant mother, can not be described as excessive in terms of Western learning. Even when the baby is ripe, he has to make a difficult choice between natural delivery and cesarean section. He can only breathe a sigh of relief after experiencing the most painful pain in life and waiting for the baby to land safely. < / P > < p > on the Internet, we can often see the scene of parents crying with joy when they saw their baby for the first time. At that time, they wanted to give the baby all the best things in the world. < / P > < p > as we all know, the most important thing after a baby is born is to eat milk and sleep. For breast-feeding, of course, breast-feeding is the best, but if the breast milk is insufficient, as long as you add milk powder to the baby on time and according to the amount. However, sleep is a university question. Because the brain and body are in the rapid development stage, the newborn babies sleep more than 20 hours every day. That is to say, most of the time of the day, except for feeding, is sleeping. < / P > < p > this is a way that many elders often coax their babies, and in their experience, this method is very effective. But I do not know is the biggest damage to the baby’s brain development, the newborn’s cerebral cortex is particularly thin, if often shakes to its damage is very big. When the baby is crying, the father and mother can choose to hold the baby and walk slowly, or squat and stand up slowly. < p > < p > this kind of phenomenon often appears in the novice’s father and mother, because after the first time when parents are happy, they are more nervous, for fear that the child will have a slightest discomfort. So as soon as I feel the baby moving, I immediately hold it up to coax. In fact, the baby’s sleep is divided into two types, one is shallow sleep, the other is deep sleep, and the two kinds of sleep in a day is accounted for half. < / P > < p > under normal circumstances, most babies are in light sleep during the day and deep sleep at night. Light sleep state, the baby is easy to twist the whole body or a large range of dancing. Deep sleep is not easy to be disturbed by the sound around, the body twist is also small. < / P > < p > 1. The baby needs to urinate or stink; 2. Is he hungry; 3. Is the baby covered too thick or too thin. No matter what kind of sleep the baby is in, as long as there is no loud crying, the baby’s father and mother must observe and judge which one belongs to the above situation first, and then implement the response. < / P > < p > this is the most common condition, especially in breast-feeding families. Baoma has just experienced the pain of childbirth and is still in a weak recovery period, but she has to bear the work of breast-feeding, so she often lies beside her baby and lets her baby sleep while eating milk. < / P > < p > this is not only easy for the baby to develop a bad habit of wanting to eat milk as soon as he sleeps, but also easily causes the baby’s gastrointestinal discomfort due to irregular feeding time, and there is also the risk of choking milk. Therefore, the baby’s feeding time should be scientifically planned from birth. The task of taking care of the baby in the remaining time should be handed over to other members of the family as far as possible, so as to ensure that Baoma can have sufficient rest time. < / P > < p > are always held to sleep. This kind of children have a common name: “wake up on the ground”. Its characteristic is as long as hold, no matter what posture can fall asleep, once put on the bed immediately cry. As we all know, when the baby is in the stomach, it is very tight as if it is swaddling. However, due to the lack of security after birth, it is easy to wake up after being put on the bed. < / P > < p > first of all, let the baby into a deep sleep state. After putting it on the bed, you can put a quilt or a pillow on both sides of the baby to make the baby feel safe to sleep. < / P > < p > generally, this training can be carried out after the baby’s hundred days. One hour before the baby goes to bed, it is necessary to create a good sleep atmosphere in the bedroom. This time to keep the room quiet, light to the weakest, and then play a warm lullaby. < / P > < p > for adults, it is also difficult to get quiet and go to sleep from a noisy environment, so try not to let the baby go to the noisy environment, especially before going to sleep. < / P > < p > as long as the above methods are used to coax the baby to sleep, I believe that bad habits will soon be corrected, especially for the fast-growing newborn babies. This is not only conducive to sleep quality, but also can better promote the development of the brain and body. Home