Cold dew, dumplings to use this “melon”, fresh and juicy and nutritious, than meat leek filling fragrance!

Cold dew has passed, and late autumn is coming unconsciously, which is accompanied by the hot and cold weather. In this increasingly strong autumn, we can obviously feel the cool in the morning and evening, and the air is also slowly drying up. During this period, we need to eat more food with sufficient water to moisten our bodies!

recently, my family fell in love with making dumplings, but the autumn dry and cold season has come. My family specially chose “cucumber” to make stuffing, because cucumber contains plenty of water, and it also adds eggs and shrimps. Cucumber contains vitamin C, eggs and shrimps are rich in protein and calcium, and shrimps can also make dumplings fresh, and taste more fragrant and fresh, because it is made of vitamin C Cucumber stuffing, more water, do dumplings more fresh and juicy Oh!

ingredients: cucumber, egg, shrimps, salt, chicken powder, sesame oil

step 2: put the oil in the pot, the oil temperature is 80% hot, add the eggs, fry them, scatter them, and put them aside to cool

step 4: put the egg and shrimps into the cucumber stuffing, add a spoonful of sesame oil, stir well, and then add the right amount of seasoning Have you eaten dumplings? Have you ever eaten this kind of dumpling filled with cucumber dumplings? After cooking, it’s very fresh and juicy. Moreover, it’s suitable for eating in late autumn and dry season. It’s hydrated and moisturized!

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